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carburetter venturi icing - Steve
I have had a reply from honest John Re. carburetter venturi icing on a Fiat Uno 60 1100cc 1998. He suggests rerouting the air intake. Any other ideas if this does not work?
Hot air intake - David Lacey
Many vehicles have a manual or vacuum operated valve on the air filter to draw hot air from around the exhaust manifold during the winter, to stop carburettor icing. Make sure this fragile hose in in good condition and any vacuum hoses are in good condition
Re: Hot air intake - David Woollard
I wonder if Steve means a 1988 Uno?

Anyway the earlier models may well have had a manual flap on the air cleaner but this model should have the automatic flap. It is common for this to fail and I test them by starting from cold and watching the flap as air from a hair dryer is introduced into the intake.

I have seen loads of these where the flap position has been fixed with a self-tapper in the plastic flap housing. I have resorted to this myself whil waiting for a new unit. You can "catch" the flap in any position you choose with the self tapper. In fact with two drillings it is possible top produce summer/winter settings.

With the flap seized/fixed in the summer position the car can run badly in cool conditions.

Personally I liked the many Uno's that have passed through my hands, roomy for size and nippy. The old 1100 was my favourite rather than the FIRE engine. Quite a Morris Minor of the 80s, bit of a pig to get decent rear brake/handbrake effort for the MOT though.

Re: carburetter venturi icing - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
We have had this problem on VWs' with Single point injection where the throttle body heater or wiring thereto has failed. Can't remember if Fiat has a similar arrangement so I'll check and come back to you.
Deliberate mistake! - David Lacey
Author: David Woollard (
Date: 06-25-01 08:55

I wonder if Steve means a 1988 Uno?

We all missed the deliberate mistake!
Cold Carbs. - Brian
I don't think that you need worry about icing at the moment, unless you are contributing from outside the UK!

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