daewoo leganza(98) c d x - laura
my leganza has now developed the following problems please help. The aircon unit has stopped working,dashboard clock has gone of,and finally the cigarette has stopped working. Any ideas, thanks
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - DavidHM
Could be fuses, could be more sinister.

Car's only worth about £2k, so don't pay too much to have them repaired.
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - laura
what could be more sinister?
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - Blue {P}
The air con could be something as simple as a fuse (less than £1), it may need re-gassing, (about £65) or it may be a compressor gone (££££) :(

What are the symptoms? Does the light still come on? If so, can you hear the compressor click in or notice the engine revs drop like they normally do when A/C is switched on?

As for the clock and cigarette lighter, they are likely to be fuses. That's the cheapest option to try first, you should be able to see if they're gone, but it may still be worth replacing them with fuses from a local Auto shop, it'll only set you back less than £1. :)
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - laura
all lights on front not on, but when main lights on ,lights on bottom of unit come on, can,t get unit to work,
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - Daewoomark

Did you ever get this sorted? My 98 CDX also has a problem with the display on the climate control not lighting and so losing all the fans/demister etc.

Any pointers you can give would be greatly appreciated


daewoo leganza(98) c d x - laura
Has the clock gone off? If so it is a wiring problem.Check under the ashtray to see if there are any loose obvious wires.(Does the fag lighter work?If no loose wires we have a 2nd hand unit that may need installing,ok?Let us know the outcome.
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - Daewoomark

Sorry about delay in getting back to you.

Everything works except the climate control box. Same symptoms as yours. No lights on unit unless headlights are on when the lights illuminating the buttons work. Otherwise its dead.

How much would your 2nd hand unit be and whereabouts in the country are you?

daewoo leganza(98) c d x - laura
Mark sorry we have not responded sooner, a new unit costs new about £900.00 however second hand can cost £250.00. We have one we live in Runcorn Cheshire, you can phone my partner Pat on 07766224106 and he will be happy to talk with you,I hope you have sorted this out if not im sure we can help. Regards Laura
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - mooloo
Hi Laura, I hope I am not too late with my solution to your problem,
During the past month I have had intermittent problems with the climate control and clock tripping out, last week the cigarette lighter gave up, and 3 days ago the climate control, clock, and shift lock release (mine is an automatic) all stopped working.
I decided to go directly to the Daewoo dealers with the problem and my car went in this morning for an investigation of the cause.
I collected my car this afternoon with all the faults corrected the total cost was £58.95 as all that had to be replaced was part of the wiring loom.
Hope this saves you a lot of money and worry
daewoo leganza(98) c d x - David Horn

Again, hope I'm not too late, but this advice might be useful to others!

It's an earth fault, all you need to do it put a new earth in, I connected it to the cigarette lighter and then to the chassis. Solved the problem. Don't forget to use a chunky wire.


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