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Hello Everyone,

For those of you who are aware of the current Mazda problems whether it be the famous DPF problem to tyre wear & valves snapping off - i have waited long enough for a government agency to do something about it after ignoring all of our complaints and stories.

I am going down to Watchdog in London tomorrow, so sorry for the short notice but if any of you are interested in supporting me with covering letters from your self then it would make the visit to watchdog a lot stronger.

If you are interested then please email your letters or points you would like to make to:

Thank you

Mazda 6 - -- Watchdog Visit -- for Mazda owners - turbo11

Mazda problems-none here. The Mazda 3,5 and 6 we have,are the most reliable cars our family have owned.That includes VW,BMW,Ford,Renault etc. Maybe we have been lucky?. I would be happy to say how pleased we are with their vehicles.

Mazda 6 - -- Watchdog Visit -- for Mazda owners - Med

There are a lot of Mazda problems, but there are also a lot of people not having problems. I not once wanted to say Mazda are poor cars but some of us i think have bad batches. The system of the diesel is wrong.

If Mazda sorted their customer service out & stood up for their promises none of us would like to argue.

Mazda 6 - -- Watchdog Visit -- for Mazda owners - Avant

The problems seem to be with Mazda diesels, usually just after the 3-year warranty has expired. Mazda petrol engines, like other Japanese petrol engines, are very reliable.

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