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Nissan Primera II - replacement exhaust - danidge

Walker, Timax, or Bosal are available but which is the best product? I have received different responses from exhaust fit garages. One said Bosal should last a few years longer, another said Walker boxes were better fabricated and had less warranty claims, a Bosal stockist appeared genuine when saying these systems tended to fit better.

Prices are similar although some garages are quoting more for Bosal, and some are saying they may no longer be able to get the Bosal parts.

An original Nissan exhaust is no longer available.

The original system has lasted for ten years of short journies, which I consider a good life. Now I am looking for a quality product that lasts as long as possible.

Nissan Primera II - replacement exhaust - Falkirk Bairn
Google "POWERFLOW STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUSTS"+your town/county and see what comes up in terms of local agents.
Nissan Primera II - replacement exhaust - ianhad2

If you intend to keep the car, look at a stainless steel system, will last the life of the car.

Nissan Primera II - replacement exhaust - Ben {P}

In my experience these stainless steel systems do not last as long as the original systems. Hangers rusting etc and boxes starting to leak are all common on these systems. Also those companies do not have mandrel bending equipment so the bends in the pipes are squashed effecting gas flow. Also the quality of the workmanship varies a lot from branch to branch.

get timax here:

Nissan Primera II - replacement exhaust - danidge

Thanks for the advice. I am puzzled by Longlife and Powerflow where the web sites refer to components being made "abroad" or"in South Africa..... where labour costs are lower". In spite of this, the cost of such an exhaust is just over double that of a replacement UK , off the shelf system, (admitted this is not stainless steel.) The stainless exhausts do not seem to represent good value. I do not mind paying a premium on the price but more than doubling it seems excessive to me.

If the justification is the labour costs and skill in fabricating the system in house, without using the South African made silencers etc. ,I am concerned about the accuracy of the jigs and bending etc. That is, skill levels and quality control.

I would be fuming if after spending over double the price the flow was stifled or economy suffered. The fuel economy of these cars is amazing (as was the fit and finish on the pre 1999 models but then deteriorated as Nissan cost cut but that is another story)

Brilliant cars-I am impressed with them, I have two and just want them to last longer.

What do forum members think about my doubts?

Nissan Primera II - replacement exhaust - John F

<In my experience these stainless steel systems do not last as long as the original systems.>

I don't believe it! After replacing several tailpipes - possible timax - on my 1980TR7 I eventually bought a stainless steel exhaust from Rimmer bros in Sep 1993. It's still going strong nearly 17yrs later.


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