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Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi (2004) - Fusion 1.4TDCi injector seals leaking after repair - david_b

Dear All,

I have a 2004 Ford Fusion 1.4TDCi. I had a leak from the rocker cover gasket for a while which turned out to be a leaking fuel injector, when I took it to the garage they pointed out the "ticking" noise of the leaking injector. I thought it was oil initially but turned out to be diesel. It was actually leaking whilst under warranty but the local Ford garage informed me that "Gaskets were not covered", as I thought I had a rocker cover gasket leak. I suspect injector seals would probably have been covered under warranty but they left me to think it was the rocker gasket.

The seals were then replaced by my local independent garage, almost immediately I started getting leaks again through the rocker cover gasket. The car went back in and was re-done and the same problem has now recurred, altho' this time it looks like "clean" diesel (i.e. not contaminated with oil) which is seeping through the rocker cover gasket.

The car has done 106,000 and has been totally reliable in that time. It had done 24,000 when I bought it when it was 18 months old.

Obviously I need to take it back in again, but is there anything that the garage might be missing when replacing these seals that is causing this leak to reoccur? They are a local independent one who are very good, and I have never had problems before.

Thanks in advance.


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Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi (2004) - Fusion 1.4TDCi injector seals leaking after repair - Collos25

You need to have the injectors looked at by a proper injector company at that mileage it is probably better to have the leaking one exchanged.If it is just the seal which I doubt then they are not cleaning the seat properly and not using the proper torque measurements.Injectors are complicated pieces of kit and need calibrating properly on the correct machines or you will end up as you have done with diesel leaking all over the place.

Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi (2004) - Fusion 1.4TDCi injector seals leaking after repair - Raman


I would stop wasting you money with the garage you are dealing with, since how many times are you going to take it to them.

I highly recommended and friendly place try here


Head Office
Unit G12, Lock View
Lowfields Business Park
Elland, West Yorkshire
Tel: 01422 387800
Fax: 01422 378787
Email: service @feather-diesel.co.uk

Opening Times:
Monday–Friday 06.00–17.00
Saturday 07.00–10.00

Please let us all know how you get on.

Thank you


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