Vauxhall Zafira - Zafira z18xe throttle problems - carbs1981
I've brought up this problem before in other forums but had no luck as to getting an answer so i thought i'd try again elsewhere as the problem is getting more frequent.

I've been having throttle problems where basically i'll be driving along and my revs will just cut out. The engine wont stall but i do usually have to take my foot off the accelerator pedal then re apply to get my revs back.

I've cleaned the throttle body and sprayed carb cleaner into the intake but thats done nothing.

The problem is very intermittent and patternless. I've also had it checked on the computer but no codes have come up, (although admittedly it was only checked on a elm 327 diagnosis tool. Not a dealer one)

The possibilities i've thought of are faulty fly by wire pedal, faulty MAF, faulty throttle body i'e built in sensor, faulty ecu. I'm no mechanic though so these are pure guesses.

If anyone has ever had this problem and fixed it please let me know otherwise i'm gonna start replacing things which probably don't need replaced.

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