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I have been having starting problems with my Skoda Fabia automatic car for the past two months and would appreciate any help from the members.

Observed symptoms-

1. I can start the car first time in the day (cold start)

2. I can restart the car if I start just after minutes of stopping the car (say around five or ten minute stop after a short drive).

3. If I start the car sometime after that, then the car doesn't start. Sometimes, I have to try over 10 to 15 times to start the car. Recently on a hot day, it did not start for over three hours.

When the car starts after giving some trouble, it drives very erratically for a short distance. In fact, car drives at some speed even without pressing the acceleration.

I have taken the car to Nationawide garage (who do regular service) and also to a Skoda dealer; both could not identify the problem. The car did not give any problem at the skoda garage and so, they mentioned that can not fix it. I don't even know how to reproduce the problem consistently.

I would appreciate any suggestions from the members.


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