Mercedes 280S. - David Woollard
Another of my contacts is inviting input into a possible car choice that is outside my direct experience.

He's looking at a 1997 Mercedes 280S, 1997 with 55,000 miles. I've seen what HJ says in the Car by Car breakdown. My interpretation of this is....... large reliable prestige car but very complex, and with just the chance it was an import or "store prior to sale" car.

I don't know but expect he is looking at about £15,000. What do you think about this monster machine?

Of course I will advise him to save a bit of cash and buy a Xantia TD for about £5000, not sure we can get him to walk of buy a Morris Minor either.

Re: Mercedes 280S. - Roger Jones
Price looks a bit high unless the car is absolutely spotless and full of goodies (not necessarily a good thing as there is more to go wrong). I'm on my second E320 Coupe and I enjoy its "hewn from a single block of metal" qualities. But I have to confess that I get far more driving enjoyment out of my Golf VR6. That said, you can't get much better than the Merc for long-distance cruising in near silence, although some will find the ride a bit firm. Don't expect MB dealers to be any different from the rest in terms of attitutde and approach.
Re: Mercedes 280S. - peter
i would think that to go to a main dealer with a car this old is inviting them to empty his wallet even further. A good independent with personal rec must be a better bet.
Re: Mercedes 280S. - Andrew Bairsto
This is the build year that is subject to serious (For DB)rust problems 96,97 E class .Much adverse publicity is stating to discredit DB in Germany so inspect very closely under door seals
sills suspesion mountings.I think in an old thread HJ said the reason was that these vehicles were originaly meant for warmer climbs .If the vehicle is A1 then its worth around 12000 at auction but HJ will tell you better.
Andy Bairsto
Re: Mercedes 280S. - honest john
£15k in the UK is just a little bit more than book trade for an S280 (presuming by 280S you mean S Class rather than E Class). The small engine in not especially more economical in general use than the larger engines in the S Class because it has more work to do, but will obviously be a bit better in town. Will add the rust warning to E Class 1996/1997. Funnily enough, in the UK, you can ger £17k for a 96/97 E230 Elegance with a 5 speed auto and as much as 80,000 miles because they are wanted in Malaysia as they are just old enough to miss punitive import duties and the 230 with the 5-spped box is the preferred spec. Won't sell at all with the 4-speed box.


Re: Mercedes 280S. - Roger Jones
Is it the new chassis 210 model that is the rust culprit or the old chassis 124 model? The former began to replace the latter in 1986, I think.
Re: Mercedes 280S -- correction - Roger Jones
I meant 1996, of course . . .
Re: Mercedes 280S -- correction - honest john
It's the 210 that had the problem.


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