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The new car looks great value and the 2.2 Diesel has a great specification but the old 6 Diesel has a woeful reputation for reliability judgng by what I have read here. Is the new engine any better?

Mazda 6 - New mazda 6 Diesel Engine - rtj70

The DPF on the newer engine is said to regenerate twice as quick and half as often. Read into that what you want. My previous model 2,0d Mazda6 is reliable. It's just getting oil changes between services when needed.

Mazda 6 - New mazda 6 Diesel Engine - Avant

The horror stories happen after (often soon after) the car comes out of warranty. If you're buying new and, as RTJ says, change the oil frequently, you should have nothing to worry about.

If I were buying secondhand, I think I'd want to see proof of regular fixed-interval servicing rather than those variable schemes that allow 20,000+ miles between oil changes.

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