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I've seen a basic 1.8 VVTi Colour Collection 05 plate Avensis that's done 70k for £4350. It has all but the last service, although the last service was probably done by an independent garage. All other services were main dealer. Generally very clean but the boot has a leak I think - something that seems to happen to these. It will be sold serviced and MOTd and it has the standard 3 month warranty. Does this seem like a good deal? And does anyone know about anything other than what HJ has said to look out for? It will replace an old Ford Mondeo that seems to be having a few too many problems, and my wife's newer Mondeo doesn't fare much better.

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I think the main thing to be aware of is that some of these cars can start to drink oil,a well known problem with the VVTi engine.I would check its history closely with ref. to this!...It is a replacement short engine job if you have one,last I heard Mr T will replace under warranty up to 7 years old or 112k miles,providing it has a FSH,preferably Toyota.However,I think you would be very unlucky on an 05 plate car!....Also make sure there are no rattles from the steering column...expensive repair!

I have one,the auto version.Quite nice to drive,but not as refined as a Vectra,particularly on the motorway.


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Judging by the number of Avensis (Avensae?) I see used as taxis and private hire cars, they must be a fairly safe bet

I'm sure the operators of those wouldn't buy a car unless it was reliable, hard-wearing and not expensive
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Agreed,there is a lot of Avensis Taxi's in my area,BUT they are all diesel.

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Good points. Diesels seem much more expensive though. I'm not sure how long it would take to recoup the initial outlay in fuel costs. I only drive average miles.

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Ex neighbour had a 1.8 VVTi . Drank oil and got a new engine from Toyota at about 4 years old IIRC. I would not chance it unless the engine had been sorted.

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I have done a bit of research on this as I have one obviously,and concerned about the consumption issue.It started with the MK1 VVTi,pre 2003,engines so you would have thought it would have been resolved by 2005?...My local,very helpfull,Toyota main dealer says it could affect a 2005 model,but unlikely.Percentage wise,I think it was low anyway.

The danger is somebody could have got rid because of this.Anyway,could you speak to the previous owner?Apart from these issues,the car is probably bulletproof,reliability wise,very comfortable,but with some tyre noise.


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It's worth looking for what sort of Skoda Octavia you casn get within budget: if you prefer Japanese also look at Honda Accords and Mazda 6s, though in both cases go for the petrol version - as I think you intend to anyway.

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Many thanks.

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My Dad has one of these. I think the oil consumption problems only affected cars up '03. His is an '03, and doesn't use a bit of oil between services. Nothing has gone wrong in 3 years. The 1.8 engine is very economical, around 40-45 mpg. It also seems to accelerate well for a big car, but if you look at the specs they are surprisingly light. Very strong car, feels safe when sitting inside. Huge boot.

I like everything about it apart from the seats, which I find too short for long legs, and the driving position. If I could get comfortable in it I would buy one for myself. You'll have to try it and see if it suits you. They're not the ultimate driving machine, but they make a lot of sense when you add up all their attributes.

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When choosing a car last year I considered petrol Avensis but found it underwhelming to drive .I eventually bought a 2006 Mazda 6 1.8 which I am absolutely thrilled with, do consider one before choosing a Toyota. There was a thread not so long ago about the Mazda 6 and the BRs tended to enthuse about them.

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There was a thread not so long ago about the Mazda 6 and the BRs tended to enthuse about them.

And I bet I was amongst their number, rabitting on about the one I've owned for nearly eight years. I must change the record...

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