citroen berlingo Multispace - Poor hot starting and lumpy 2000rpm - Dartrader

hello all, i have a berlingo 1.9D year 2000 with the DW8b engine (WJY) and 112000 miles. Sometimes when the engine is hot it starts rough and the idle is low at 500 rpm, i have to hold it on the accelerator for 30 seconds or more until it settles or it will stall.

if i let it stall it struggles to start again but does start. This happens after driving 40+ miles and only if i leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. i can stop it and restart it no problems but leave it a while the problem occurs.

i can leave it a few hours and it starts and runs no problem, it just seems to happen with the engine hot.

also around 2000 revs while driving it feels lumpy/ hesitant but will pick up fine when i put foot down. if i hold revs at 1200 the engine feels lumpy when standing.

Regular servicing so all filters etc have been replaced and eGR valve was done last year, the problem was present before the eGR was done. also the crank sensor was replaced.

other than this it drives well and returns around 40mpg combined but would like to cure the problem if anyone has any ideas.

Many thanks,


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