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Citroen berlingo van 1.9 diesel - blue smoke rev counter problem - Stewart_2004

Hi all,

I am having problems with a 1.9 berlingo van. I has been running fine all day been driving for afew hours and then went to the shop for 10 mins got back in it then the rev counter and speedo has stopped working the managment light has come on its pouring out thick blue smoke and its not running properly very jerky cant hold its revs and idling. I take it that its due to rev counter but other problems Im stuck on. any help would be great.

Regards stew

citroen berlingo van 1.9 diesel - blue smoke rev counter problem - Peter.N.

if its an XUD engine i would suspect a faulty TDc sensor or the connector to it, but as the speedo is not working either it could be a loss of a supply or the ecU. blue smoke is usually a sign of lubricating oil being burnt, is it turbo? if so could be the bearing seals, otherwise the pump timing could be running retarded, when was the cam belt changed?

05 1.6 ESP Light On Continuously - Honest Mark
My 2006 Golf GT tdi 140 (33k) flashed up the ESP light over Xmas, handy with all the snow! and now the coil starter warning light has come on, I read with abject horror all the other blogs about these units failing and await the call from Chiswick VW with trepidation.
They were polite yesterday but with a potential bill this big I'll be talking to customer services as this is just out of warranty & has a full VW service history. I have had 5 Golfs and this has been the worst , am certainly not buying another one. As the finance deal is ending I'm counting the days to handing it back- VW get a grip or you'll be losing your hard earned reputation for reliability & build quality!

If anyone can advise me further please do.

05 1.6 ESP Light On Continuously - bell boy
20674 views on vw esp light
must buy a golf in the morning
lifes too easy at the mo
05 1.6 ESP Light On Continuously - Q1
Bizarrely, it could just be the cold weather, Mark - I had same problem over Christmas and new year in freezing temps - ESP and Emissions light coming on - but the problem has righted itself on its own as weather temp improved. Might be worth waiting a week or so to let weather warm up before doing anything. On my mk 4 Golf, the light coming on didn't seem to affect performance and with the emissions warning light on it still passed MOT!
Your comments on decline of Golf build quality sadly ring a bell with me, too :-(

If you do have to get any work done on it, shop around - my experience is of VW garages charging big differences on servicing. If you live in W. London, you could maybe try VW in Walton in Surrey - lot cheaper than the London garages.
05 1.6 ESP Light On Continuously - VW-Claret
You wouldn't believe it!!! Problem solved. I sent the ABS Pump to a firm in London who bench test parts. The company advised the part wasn't as fault and sent the part back ( £40.00), back to square one!! or maybe not, On checking the fuses it turns out the relevant fuse had blown. On replacing the fuse the lights turn off the dash and the abs is now working!. So advise to others why not check the fuse box before sending the car to VW? I'm convinced that VW would have replaced the pump at £1400 and then checked the fuse box after the event and charged full price. This may not solve all problems but hopefully this midnight brainwave may help!!. Good Luck!!
05 1.6 ESP Light On Continuously - Paul_
You wouldn't believe it!!! ...This may not solve all problems but hopefully this midnight
brainwave may help!!. Good Luck!!

Good news. I think your fault was different though as both ABS and ESP lights were on. This fault is normally ESPlight only. Just hope they stay off from now on!!
05 1.6 ESP Light On Continuously - cm_us
I have a 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI in the US and the ESP light came on 2 days ago. My ABS is still working (confirmed with tests in snow covered areas), but I could not verify the effectiveness of the ESP system. Like others, pressing the ESP button does nothing.

I checked the fuse box on the side of the dashboard (driver's side) and did not see any relevant fuses there. The diagram on the door is almost useless as it leaves out the description of many fuses and I can't seem to find that booklet of the manual.

Which fuse was it that you replaced? Where it is located?

Thank you.
...On checking the
fuses it turns out the relevant fuse had blown. On replacing the fuse the lights
turn off the dash and the abs is now working!...
05 1.6 ESP Light On Continuously - golf nut
I have a 1999 golf v6, bought the car last May with an intermittant ABS light on....diagnostics run 3 of times, parts replaced..now have the traction control & occasionally the ABS light on! My car may be a bit older than those in these posts but since it's only done 30,000 am going down the VW garage to give them grief! Have checked fuses, cables, wheels.....
55 2.0 GT TDI (140) 4motion ESP Light On - chrisw1983
My ESP light came on a few weeks ago and I have just taken it into my local VW (Dane Wirral) for a diagnostic (£49) - just had a call stating that it needs a new ABS unit, which is 'a very important and expensive part'.
I had previously informed them of this forum, and that I anticipated this problem and would be pushing for VW to pay for the repair given the fact that this is a known fault on a clearly unreliable part.
I chose a Golf due to their reputation for reliability, but this has soured my opinion. I'll keep you informed as to how I get on, and how much this ends up costing me. I'm going to push this all the way (I've just found out that I'm going to be a dad, don't really want to be shelling out £1500+ repairing an unreliable ABS unit) and hope that VW and Dane come up with a solution between them.

If I'd known about this fault earlier, I would have chosen a different car without doubt! I expect a glut of failed ABS units over the next few years, as so many have failed already. Be prepared for the value of MkV Golfs to fall rapidly when this becomes widely known.
55 2.0 GT TDI (140) 4motion ESP Light On - chrisw1983
Just been quoted £1600 for the ABS unit - waiting to hear back with regards to VW goodwill and Dane discounts.

55 2.0 GT TDI (140) 4motion ESP Light On - Cecile_n_Steve
Hi there. Yet another VW owner with this problem. 39K miles on an 05 plate Touran. We had a VW history till 08 (the life of the warranty) since then its been at our local mechanic.

Took me almost an hour to read all the posts but I'm glad I have.

So I am going to write to VW quoting from your posts. These are the points I'm going to make:

1. durability (particularly for a safety-related issue) is a feature of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended 1994), and therefore something like an ABS pump should not fail so early in a vehicle's life

2. Modules of this type should last the life of the car. Nothing I have done as an owner can affect the life of these modules (they are maintenance free).

3. From a communication a forum user had with VW:

?We are aware of some issues affecting certain models within the Volkswagen passenger car range with the ABS control module. Reported instances with the Touran model where we suspect an ABS module failure and the vehicle has service history within the Volkswagen Retailer Network, customers will receive a 100 per cent contribution towards the cost of the repairs.

4. I think that by offering some customers 100% refund VAG are implicitly accepting that they are responsible. Since the item is non-servicable then where the car was serviced is immaterial.

If they argue the toss I'm going to take them to the small claims court. for the sake of £70 or whatever I think its money well spent. If anyone else has taken them to the small claims court I'd appreciate it if you could let us know on here if you have been successful.

55 2.0 GT TDI (140) 4motion ESP Light On - cheltlasss
I have a golf plus, 57 plate and only 9600 odd miles on the clock, is this the youngest car for the esp light to stay on.
Luckily i work for an insurance company and have asked a couple of the engineers there for their help, one put me in touch with a mechanic who checked my car out and yes, its the abs pump.
Have gone into my local vw dealership, head high and told them outright who i have spoken to and had car looked out etc, so they couldnt fob me off, luckily car is still under warrenty, it was booked in for yesterday, they had it for half the day, got it back and they agreed its the pump and will have to order part, so it goes back in next month. Was told perfectly safe to drive which i knew.
The dealership wasnt surprised about this problem, so it seems like they know its a very common fault.

55 Golf Gti ESP Light On - Kevin F
Yet another ESP victim here.

Light came on around christmas two days before going on holiday so had to book it in for when I got back and after diagnostics was told needed new ABS unit and pump at a cost of £1050. Told them outright that this was not on as the car has only done 22,000 miles so they said they would contact VW, after 3 weeks of waiting I had to take the car back in for another diagnostics and a day later was told VW had offered a 50% discount on parts and labour. Still not happy I requested to speak to VW customer service myself, spoke to a woman who did not seem in the slightest bit interested in hearing my case for why I thought I should not pay a penny towards the replacement part, so now I am awaiting the customer service manager to get back to me.

Totally agree with the points made by Cecile_n_Steve, this is obvious that substandard parts have been used and nothing I could have done could have avoided this fault, the car has been fully serviced (sometimes even at 5,000 mile intervals. By offering the 50% discount I feel they are basically accepting responsibility and you would have thought with bad press Toyota are getting at the moment the last thing VW would want is something similar, the reason I bought VW was for the reputation for quality and reliability! I am going to quote the Sale of Goods act, after a quick scan I have pulled out the following passages:

14 Implied terms about quality or fitness
(1)Except as provided by this section and section 15 below and subject to any other enactment, there is no implied [F1term] about the quality or fitness for any particular purpose of goods supplied under a contract of sale.

[F2(2)Where the seller sells goods in the course of a business, there is an implied term that the goods supplied under the contract are of satisfactory quality.

(2A)For the purposes of this Act, goods are of satisfactory quality if they meet the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking account of any description of the goods, the price (if relevant) and all the other relevant circumstances.

(2B)For the purposes of this Act, the quality of goods includes their state and condition and the following (among others) are in appropriate cases aspects of the quality of goods—

(a)fitness for all the purposes for which goods of the kind in question are commonly supplied,

(b)appearance and finish,

(c)freedom from minor defects,

(d)safety, and


F148BRepair or replacement of the goods

(1)If section 48A above applies, the buyer may require the seller—

(a)to repair the goods, or

(b)to replace the goods.

(2)If the buyer requires the seller to repair or replace the goods, the seller must—

(a)repair or, as the case may be, replace the goods within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience to the buyer;

(b)bear any necessary costs incurred in doing so (including in particular the cost of any labour, materials or postage).

(3)The buyer must not require the seller to repair or, as the case may be, replace the goods if that remedy is—

(a)impossible, or

(b)disproportionate in comparison to the other of those remedies, or

(c)disproportionate in comparison to an appropriate reduction in the purchase price under paragraph (a), or rescission under paragraph (b), of section 48C(1) below.

(4)One remedy is disproportionate in comparison to the other if the one imposes costs on the seller which, in comparison to those imposed on him by the other, are unreasonable, taking into account—

(a)the value which the goods would have if they conformed to the contract of sale,

(b)the significance of the lack of conformity, and

(c)whether the other remedy could be effected without significant inconvenience to the buyer.

(5)Any question as to what is a reasonable time or significant inconvenience is to be determined by reference to—

(a)the nature of the goods, and

(b)the purpose for which the goods were acquired.

55 Golf Gti ESP Light On - Dubco12
Kevin F many tks for all the info re Sale of Goods Act . My 06 golf has encountered similiar problem re ESP sensor .The car I have was brought into Republic of Ireland in 2006 and I bought it in Nov '09 ,( warranty expired) Problem arose in Dec 09 . VW IRl wont deal with issue and told me to contact VW UK .
I sent 4 emails to VW Uk and have recd a negative response re "goodwill contribution" I await with interest your developments on the issue of a goodwill contribution by VW UK. Keep us informed
55 Golf Gti ESP Light On - Altea Ego

55 Golf Gti ESP Light On - Altea Ego
>Kevin F many tks for all the info re Sale of Goods Act .

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, the UK sale of goods act does not apply to you.

>The car I have was brought into Republic of Ireland in 2006 and I bought it in Nov '09 ,( warranty expired) Problem arose in Dec 09 . VW IRl wont deal with issue and told me to contact VW UK .

The UK arm of VW will not touch your car re warranty or any goodwill because
a: they have legal duty to do so
b: its not been serviced in the UK network
c: you are in a different country to the selling VW company.

55 Golf Gti ESP Light On - KiterLu
I have an 06 1.6FSI Golf. ESP light has been permanently on for a few months now. It has done 32,000 miles. It is going to VW on Friday, so will let you all know the outcome...
55 Golf 1.6 FSI eSP Light On - Danny-s

Hi all,

Bought a Mk5 Golf a couple of weeks ago but have already signed up to the afore mentioned club. I bought the car from an independent garage (who offer a 3 month warranty). It's going back for a diagnostic test next week. I'm guessing that if 'THe FaULT' is found, they'll be quoting the small print?

If I'm faced with a bill, there's no way I will be groveling to VW.

anyway; after doing a bit of research, I found these people:


They will soften the blow if I'm faced with the worse case scenario. I find it outrageous that people on this forum are having to plead VaG for a bill that's less than 4 figures. This is clearly a design flaw. Don't give them the pleasure.

I should mention that I also have a 10 year old Mk4 GTDi. It's done 140k, and hasn't missed a beat. Because of this I may have put VW on an unworthy pedestal.

Edited by Danny-s on 20/03/2010 at 22:08

55 Golf 1.6 FSI eSP Light On - Helenfoz
The same thing has happened to me to my 55 plate VW Golf 1.6 FSI, which has only 31k miles on the clock and is 8 months out of warranty!

I had an auto electrician check it out who confirmed the problem and took it to the VW garage I bought it from in July '08, who charged me £70 for a diagnostic (even though I knew what it already was, but stated it needed doing). They confirmed that it needs a new abS pump.

I complained that having read various forums including this one, and that there is even a facebook group dedicated to the fault that I would not be prepared to pay the £1,400 estimated cost. They have agreed to contact VW customer services on my behalf and asked about my service history. It was last serviced by VW in Oct '07 so has 'missed' a service (it has only done 12k miles since that service and I have had it serviced by a private garage but didn't tell them this because I have heard it counts against you). Still waiting to hear back but I'm not holding my breath!

When I went to pick up my car I said there was no way I would be paying £1,400 to fix it and that I'd just live with it and the VW assistant told me 'well you need it fixing because it is dangerous for you to drive without getting it fixed'. So I questioned if its so dangerous then why haven't VOSa done a recall. She seemed quite shocked at my knowledge too!

Still hanging on to hear what 'goodwill' if any VW will offer me.

I just can't believe theres been nothing on Watchdog or any of the newspapers about this.
55 Golf 1.6 FSI eSP Light On - WellKnownSid

Then this piece of news may help:


These guys can repair the module for £350 - it'll be upgraded to a new spec that doesn't have the same failure mode, and will come with a warranty.

Edited by WellKnownSid on 21/03/2010 at 18:55

55 Golf 1.6 FSi eSP Light on - Helenfoz
Do they fit it for you too or do you need to find a mechanic who can do it for you? i live in Yorkshire so Nottingham would be a bit far to travel.

i think i'll see what VW offer and if they won't offer anything decent i'll hang on until around about the time i'm gonna sell it and then get it fixed. if its a fault i can live with i think i'll just probably do that for now, and get a trusty bit of black tape to stick over the light until its fixed! it still drives perfectly well and i've been told it will still pass its MoT (fingers crossed!)
citroen berlingo van 1.9 diesel - blue smoke rev counter problem - Stewart_2004

hi Peter thanks for your reply the engine is non turbo and the belt was replaced last year. it was serviced last week including air, fuel and oil filter and its been running fine oil level has been checked regualy and remained constant. what is the TDc sensor and where would it be located ? and how can i check the pump timing. once again thanks for your reply.


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