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Suzuki Ignis Sport - V-belt on 6th year service - catalyst2

My Suzuki Ignis Sport (35 000 miles) is due its 6th year service in 2
weeks' time, no trouble at all since I've had it, I am very happy with it
and want to keep it for at least another 6 years!

The main Suzuki dealer in my area (that I've almost always used) gave me 2 possibilities.

1) they do the 6th year service as per Suzuki's job list, cost: £325

2) they do their own 40-point service for £160 (mainly checks and inspections, and road test). Same as the standard Suzuki service costing £325, except they do not change the "V-belt" (£43 on the Pricing Job details sheet) and gasket cylinder head cover (£17). They said they would check both but not replace them.

There is also something called "element" (£17) on the Suzuki Job list but I have no idea what it is. The rest are brake fluid, oil, etc.

They explained to me that the V-belt rarely snaps and that they can inspect it instead, saving me money.

Is this true about the V-belt? (should I not worry about them NOT replacing it)

I was also concerned about the timing belt but they told me that Suzuki Ignis sport has a chain system (not timing belt - sorry for not using proper terminology, I know little about mechanics...). Trouble is, the person who told me this did not look 100 % sure.

Is this correct, has the Ignis Sport got a chain and not a rubber timing belt?


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