alfa romeo - colin button
I bought an Alfa Romeo 145 in 1999 (P reg 1997 1.6TS) for just under £7000.
According to Parkers guide it is now worth only £3845. Can this be true? I am just about a 36,000 mile service including possibly new exhaust/cat and timing chain replacement/adjustment which could be costly. Is it worth my while spending probably a fair amount of money on the car when I would like to sell it soon? Cheers HJ.
Re: alfa romeo - Neil
Trade-in according to Glass's is between £4160 and £4580. The window price should be around £6000 - have a 1998 S on 22000 miles with aircon at around £6500. Whether the work is worth getting done will depend on how you're selling it.

The car will be more sellable with a recent and proper service than without. Anyone looking at the car will notice an upcoming service and cost that into the price they're prepared to pay.
Re: alfa romeo - dafydd tomos
Alfas have a potentially expensive spark plug service (8 plugs at £10+ each)
Re: alfa romeo - harry
I started a thread recently talking about unrealistically low Parkers prices. You never see cars on the forecourt at anything like what they quote!

Have you driven the new 2 litre Alfa 147 Selespeed? If you fancy another Alfa it's a blinding car - sublime handling, great engine and top quality interior. Loaded with kit too. There's an internet car importer called where full uk spec cars go for about 4 grand cheaper.
Cat/Exhaust/timing chain - David Lacey
I WOULD not expect to have to replace these items at this age/mileage!
Perhaps the exhaust tailpipe, but NOT the timing chain or catalyst!
Keep hold of the car, watch out for the potentially expensive spark plugs and enjoy!

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