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Best time to change cars - wolverine

assuming I want to buy new, and that I don't want to hang on to a car for more than five or six years, is there an optimum frequency in the long term at which I should think about changing the car?

Best time to change cars - veryoldbear

Very much depends on depreciation, and that in turn depends very much on the make. Some cars depreciate like a chocolate teapot as soon as they leave the factory, some hold on, and some models even increase in value for a while. No easy answer

Best time to change cars - Vauxpop


Or more specifically it exists but you'll never know what it is.

Best time to change cars - Devolution

I am guessing by optimum frequency you mean resale value within your 0 to 5 (or 6) years of ownership? If so this depends on entirely what car and what mileage you are doing. Nowadays, with care, most pre 6 year old cars shouldn't be suffering major problems if cared for. It might come with a free extended warranty period however?

Other than that, cost wise I imagine keep the car for your alloted 5/6 years, using the period to save for the next car fund, and adding on the final sale/trade in value of your current car.

Best time to change cars - Avant

People will always disagree about this one. Personally I think that you either change after max. 3 years / 40,000 miles or so - i.e. while you can still get a good price for your car, or else run it into the ground.

There is a better case for the second alternative the lower your annual mileage.

best time to change cars - Lofty Boy

as my megane is only two yrears old with rust forming underneath, i think it;'s time to change it now


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