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1.9 TDI 115PS - Ford Galaxy Turbo Problem - Lockie

I'm having problems with identifying a part of what I think is the turbo system, which is attached to the manifold at the back of the top of the engine. It has a couple of vacuum units fitted to it.

The main problem I've been having with the car is irractic acceleration on light throtlle pressure which smoothes out at higher revs. Have just had the codes read which give a code of P1557 (turbo pressure control) and P1570 ( engine ECU blocked).

I am suspecting the N75 pressure control valve but having taken the the engine cover off this a.m., there is this'unit' bolted in the manifold just prior to where the manifold joins the cylinder head and underneath the front vacuum unit which is part of it, there are signs where oil/oil vapour has been leaking which would explain the smell of burning oil in the cab.

Can anyone tell me what this unit is please? - could it be the 'wastegate' or is it infact the N75? - has anyone had this problem?

I'm awaiting an up to date manual for this vehicle which I have finally been able to locate through 'Which'? so when this arrives it should hopefully throw some light on the subject if no one else can.

Has anyone attempted a DIY clutch and timing belt change on this vehicle - thinking of tackling this later but looks a tough job?!? - greatful for any comments.

1.9 TDI 115PS - Ford Galaxy Turbo Problem - craig-pd130

the assembly which bolts to the inlet manifold is the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. These can and do get partially blocked with a 'cake' made of soot from the exhaust and oily residue in the inlet (this oil in the inlet is quite normal, by the way, it's mist that gets past the turbo seals).

They can be disassembled and cleaned, you'll find guides on how to do this on the web, like this one: It's a horrifically messy job but those that have done it say it's worth it.

The P1557 code does also imply a problem with the N75. Not sure where this is located in the Galaxy, however, it's a small plastic block with an electrical connector and three vacuum hoses connected to it. One of the hoses leads to the turbo VNT actuator mechanism.

Good luck with it.

1.9 TDI 115PS - Ford Galaxy Turbo Problem - Lockie

Hi craig

Your an absolute star with that info, it's just what I wanted to hear - a part that can be serviced! - I think you're right about the N75, this is definitely suspect so I shall look to replace this. There is no way I can get away with not cleaning the eGR cos'as I say, this oily residue is getting onto the hot manifold and causing a oily smoke to find it's way into the cabin.

Just ordered a new 'toy', a engine fault code reader to read and delete engine fault codes so looking forward to getting my hands on that next week!! - £69 bargain!!

I did mhean to say that there is a 'whilstling' noise when the turbo cuts in, about 1800rpm - do you think this is connected to both issues we have highlighted or perhaps a pressure leak somewhere else? There is no reason to suspect a leak as this wistling has only just started in the past couple of days.

This engine looks a pig to work on cos' everything seems so hard to get to! - any thoughts on clutch and timing belt job on this one?

Thanks again!



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