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A reliable people carrier - Suggestions for a good value 7 Seater ? - idle_chatterer

A friend of mine has an old Toyota Previa (the original model) which has finally become uneconomic to repair (for MOT) and with honours can hang up its boots.....

He asked me what to get, I'm not sure of the budget but assume it's not high. My thoughts are:

Sharalaxy, probably the Alhambra if available, later models (say 2002 and up) for better equipment / reliability ? Avoid the 2.0L VAG Petrol and 90PS TDi too I'd guess ?

Vauxhall Zafira - but which model ? I'd guess a diesel or a 1.8/2.0 petrol.

VW Touran - probably quite expensive, avoid the 1.6 maybe ?

What of the Citroen C8 / Peugeot 806 / Fiat Ulysse triumvirate ? I recall much negative publicity about build quality and reliability but did this get sorted on later ones ?

The newer Toyota Previa, not sure how cheap these will be, I'd go for the D4D myself but I guess the auto 2.4 petrols are cheaper (but thirsty) ? I suspect that the Corolla Verso is too small but there was an Avensis Verso too wasn't there , again - could be too pricey.

I would advise that he avoids any Renault Espace / Grand Scenic - lovely cars but unreliable and expensive to repair (at least the one's he can afford) ?

Any thoughts from the back-roomers - I seem to recall that someone runs a Galaxy to stellar (pardon the pun) mileages ?

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A reliable people carrier - Suggestions for a good value 7 Seater ? - gordonbennet

806/Synergie/Useless were excellent tough reliable and relatively simple, can't say the same for the 807 based motors though extremely comfortable.

Worth looking in technical for the reams of problems with C8/807 injectors etc.

Avensis Verso was a lovely car, the most refined in it's class imo, very hard to find though.

Zafira is somewhat smaller but in 150hp Diesel auto nice to drive.

Newer Previa, many of these will be cabbed especially the Diesels, but it might be worth looking at Grey import petrol with LPG conversion, still the nicest of the big people carriers Hyndai Trajet might be a good bet too, the i800 will still be very expensive.

A reliable people carrier - Suggestions for a good value 7 Seater ? - barneybear

Owned two Zafy's - both great cars, relaible, slightly firm ride. Owned one Espace which has just been fantastic - 100% relaible, really comfortable, loads of space (grand version), slightly thirsty in 2.2, 150bhp diesel, but 42 on a run up to Scotland last week. Just sold it to friends and bought Grand scenic as no longer need one so big. The same friends rea selling their 1998 Espace, which is also very relaible, 2.2 diesel with 170,000 and FSH, just 3 owners. Cheap at £1500. 07982716276 if interested

a reliable people carrier - Suggestions for a good value 7 Seater ? - Naffy

Never driven one, do not anyone with one, but why do I never see the Mazda 5 suggested in this class ?

Great looks, does not have transit sized exterior and I would presume reliable, except for the tyre wearing issues.

a reliable people carrier - Suggestions for a good value 7 Seater ? - Auristocrat

Re Mazdas, there was a seven seat version of the Premacy available and also the larger Mazda MPV. Both were replaced by the Mazda 5. Both the Premacy and the MPV are reliable. We had a Premacy five seater for almost four years from new (a 2003 model), and it was excellent.

a reliable people carrier - Suggestions for a good value 7 Seater ? - Marc

No complaints about our 05 2.3 auto Galaxy bought three years ago - comfy, spacious and swift. The 2.3 petrol is a bargain now due to its mpg (around 24 urban) We also looked at the 2.8 Sharan auto at the time which was also unwanted.

Most 1.9 TDis will have much higher mileages and associated issues together with a higher price tag. Guess it all depends on the mileage/use intended.

a reliable people carrier - Suggestions for a good value 7 Seater ? - Lygonos

Do you need 7 seats ?

Many people overlook the FRV from Honda (now discontinued ast of end '09) which can sit 6 plus luggage, with the option to slide back the centre seats to improve adult comfort. (3+3 seating similar to the Fiat Multipla which I find almost as ugly as a Ssangyong Rodius...)

If you need a car for 3/4 kids then you'll find the car seats are a pain in traditional 7 seaters as either they need to stay in the 'boot seats' losing boot space, or they go in the middle row making problems for access to the 'boot seats'.

Reliable, tidy handling car - even more overlooked than the Mazda 5 (which is more of a 6+1 as the middle row centre seat is a bit squashed.

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