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Car Leasing Sites [Read Only] - dezz
Has anyone used any good car leasing websites where I can compare a good lease deal?

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Car Leasing Sites - Honestjohn
People have been recommending www.lingscars.com . Ling Valentine certainly recommends herself. If anyone has had dealings with Ling then I'd appreciate feedback, by e-mail with the sender's snail mail address to letters@honestjohn.co.uk (I won't pick it up from the Backroom).
We've had a long relationship with www.dsgauto.com that can offer some fantastic short term deals and is generally very flexible.


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Car Leasing Sites - M.M
I sourced my new Citroen C5 Tourer through Lingscars late last year with delivery on new years eve. Only by chance did I see the name Lingscars mentioned in a thread on here and that was soley responsible for me considering contract hire and going to Lings.

Ling's communication and administration was probably the best I've dealt with in any sphere for many many years..... enthusiastic in style and faultless in procedure.

The website is very vibrant but contains a huge amount of detail and real time information not found elsewhere so you can research every aspect of the car and deal knowing that it matches the reality.

The deal I got, plus speedy admin and fast delivery was spot on..... as was their keeness to resolve a tiny post delivery niggle.

Ling has a wicked sense of humour and the gifts of toxic Chinese sweets in the post added to the personal touch.

Very impressed.

NB: I'll mail you a proper review HJ.

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Car Leasing Sites - Bill Payer
toxic Chinese sweets

I suppose that's one way of eliminating customers who have a problem!
Car Leasing Sites - ablandy
was on a business forum with ling. She is definitely opinionated, but seems to have her head screwed on. One to watch.

I got my car from nationwidevehiclecontracts . I like their website because you can get the price, but some of their communications were a bit lacking. Had to chase all the time. Their prices seem to have gone up recently (sign of the times i suppose) with quite high initial payments.

I am replacing my car now, down to 2 - one from them and one direct from the dealer.

Car Leasing Sites - jontheteaman
www.lingscars.com was recommended to me in September last year. As a result I leased a Citroen C5 from her.
I have to say that the quality of her service is absolutely superb! How she manages to do it I don't know but she provides the best customer service I have ever had!
As a result, I have recommended her to many others (something I don't normally do) who have subsequently told me that they have received the same first-class treatment.
Car Leasing Sites - Mikey P
I've had dealings with Ling over the past 4 years and can honestly say I've nothing but praise for her service, prices and responsiveness. The true test is whether others feel the same. Since I've been using Ling I've mentioned it to a number of my colleagues and now they are using Ling for their ne w vehicles too.

If anyone is interested I'd recommend taking the published prices as an initial guide but then contacting Ling for a quote, she will do all she can to get the right deal for you.

Car Leasing Sites - Jack_K
Ling has just emailed me, as a customer on my third two year contract with her, and of course I am happy to come here (and bother to sign up with the registration number thingy and the threat of a lifetime of spam) simply because she asked me to.

Why? She has saved me a fortune in motoring expenses over the past 5 years and I am sure she will do so for many years in the future.

There is no need to ask why she is so effective and successful - she actually tells you how on her website. She is utterly transparent and authentic . I am afraid to say that those are not traits you are likely to find anywhere else in the motor trade.

Just one example of how different she is: she actually used to (maybe still does) advise the DEALERS on her website not to fill the cars they deliver to customers with fuel just so they can offer a better price. Now who else in the world would ever front up like that in full view of their customers?

She'll take some beating.
Car Leasing Sites - bjmcg
I have used Lings cars to lease my current car and I found her very helpful and very professional in all her dealings with me.

She was considerably cheaper than any other leasing sites I looked at.

I currently have a car on lease with her for 36 months and she has been in touch with me every 3 months to check I am happy, and I am.

She also uses a secure chat system that you can raise any queries with her, and she gets back to you within minutes unlike others who sometimes dont get back to you at all.

I have no qualms in highly recommending her and will use her again for my next lease vehicle.

Car Leasing Sites - MBmanly
I used Ling last year, excellent service, does exactly what it says on the tin. I would certainly recommend Ling to anyone searching for a lease car.
Car Leasing Sites - chris_hitman_1966
I would certainly recommend Ling Cars. The process was really easy from start to finish. I took up a 3 year contract on a SAAB 93 and found that the price was not
only competitive but dealers could not get any where near it. The information on the
site and the speed of response was really quite refreshing. I did approach all the big
leasing companies and they also were the proverbial mile off the price.

I am kept updated by Ling on any developments with the car and even a mileage chart which means that should you be over target mileage then it will predict what total mileage may occur at the end of the contract.

You even get dodgy chinese nosh sent to you through the process, such as noodles, chop sticks and chinese polo mints. You also get a first aid kit with some fairly graphic pictures on them - but it is all done in the best possible taste.

Easily the best leasing company I have dealt with in 20 years
Car Leasing Sites - anthonyboggiano
We leased a Ford Fiesta from Lingscars about a year ago. This is the umpteenth car we have had from Ling and it has always been a pleasure dealing with her.

Good price, easy to deal with, car delivered as promised, good online facilities to track progress and plenty of communication so that mistakes don't get made.

I've recommended Lings to lots of people and they all tell me they have also had a good experience.
Car Leasing Sites - Gilly Lizzie
I have used Lings Cars many times over the past three years as Fleet Manager for my company. In fact I use her exclusively now. I find Ling refreshingly honest and her customer service has definitely improved from the very abrupt phone calls when she was fledgling. She now has great soft skills as well as being very professional and getting the job done.

She has a Lingo system for keeping you informed all along as to where you are in the system and has always delivered everything she has promised.

Her website is worth a good read as it is very amusing!
Car Leasing Sites - rob351973
i recently used lings cars. ling and her staff to be extremely helpfull,polite and proffesional.the car that i chose was delivered quickly and was excellent value for money.i have reccomended lings cars to freinds and work colleagues.
Car Leasing Sites - Armstrong Sid
Amazing that one site can produce so many endorsements so quickly.

Do they also employ a full-time replier?
Car Leasing Sites - Honestjohn
Landslide of e-mails too because Ling does watch The Backroom. But they're all in the 'Recommended' file and once we've got this site reorganised, Golden Garages declared and Top Technicians awarded we'll be into another round of hattings.

Car Leasing Sites - Steven Perez
That's easy. Ling knows who her customers are. Ling also communicates with her customers, so she has simply asked everyone to come on and tell the truth.

The truth.

1. Best customer service bar none. To many examples to list.
2. You will find lower prices on other lease sites, but you will never actually get a qoute or car that matches it.
3. Honest and straight dealer. Looks out for your interests as well as her own, very refreshing.

I leased a VW Tiguan from Ling 6 months ago and the whole transaction went off without a hitch. Nothing was too much trouble and every stage of the transaction was discussed.

I have leased cars in the past from dealers and other lease companies and Ling is definately my first choice.

Car Leasing Sites - Bill Payer
Amazing that one site can produce so many endorsements so quickly.
Do they also employ a full-time replier?

It's just ridiculous that so many first time posters have registered simply to endorse Ling - do they not realise how obvious that looks?

Wonder where the IP addresses would resolve to?
Car Leasing Sites - M.M
HJ and Steve explain it all. Ling is very good at taking a promotion opportunity but more importantly her service is truly superb.... and unusual! All the first time posters are folks who have nothing sinister behind them... just such a good deal from Ling that they've taken the trouble to come on and report the service they received.

For my part I've been on this site ten years so trust what I say is how it is.... Ling enabled me to have a better car than I'd expected with a totally fuss free experience that is rarely found in any large purchase. That is the reason I give her my support... well and the sweets!

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Car Leasing Sites - happycustomer
No connection to Ling or her business. Yes, responding to an email from Ling, but only beacuse of great service & good price. I will certainly lease again from her when this deal expires next year. So she really does seem to have lots & lots of very happy customers!
Car Leasing Sites - Bill Payer
No connection to Ling or her business.

Yes you have - you leased a car off her!
Yes responding to an email from Ling but only because of great service & good price.

So it's a solicited testimonial. It's not a normally acceptable business practice to solicit testimonials.
Car Leasing Sites - nev cov
"It's not a normally acceptable business practice to solicit testimonials."

you think people would bother if its as simple as that? Or if they didnt think it was worth the few minutes to post?

She's damn good at what she does....customer service and good prices.

If you can find one better then post it on here....then you taking the time to post something on here would actually make some sense. As it is at the moment your entry doesn't answer the question originally asked - which is that of recomending a "leasing site where you can compare deals", and actually adds no value to the thread....

So it's a solicited testimonial. It's not a normally acceptable business practice to solicit testimonials.
Car Leasing Sites - Envirup
Hi Dezz

Its a good question and I had to do this search for the first time myself about 2 years ago. I started with Lingscars.com as I remember seeing her from the Dragons Den....All looked good, fair prices, all the information you need. But then I had a look around on the other websites...difficulties began! For start they have sales people rather than customer service people. The Franchised dealer also offer leases but they are massively expensive. So after a good look round, I went back to Lingscars and spoke to her too. She is what she is...straightforward, no waffle and did everything she promised.

I have recommended her to friends and will only go back to her for my next lease car.

Good luck, save yourself a headache, go to Lings and enjoy the selecting the car you want, rather than the supplier

Car Leasing Sites - keVXR

Ling sorted me an Astra 18 months ago and it couldn't have gone any easier.

Lings Cars was the only company that really engaged themselves in the whole process from start to finish and her efficiency is second to none.

I really can't see myself using any other company for car hire, she makes it too easy !
Car Leasing Sites - tomvart
I leased a Citroen C5 Tourer last year on a 3 year contract from Lingscars.com and can thoroughly recommend it, Lingscars was recommended to me by a colleague who is now on his 3rd contract from Ling.

The price was outstanding, none of the other leasing agencies or dealerships could come anywhere near competing on price for the car I wanted.

Service & Website
The contract was all arranged through Lings website, the process was painless, fast and free from hassle, her website is not only good but its also very informative with masses of useful information this includes the LINGO area which is a communication forum that allows secure communication about your contract and a repository/vault for your contractual documents, it has many useful tools such as your contract details, the mileage meter and all of your communications from your initial request for quote.
Everything I asked for under the contract was delivered as requested and on time (the car was delivered to my door to the minute!)
Lots of up to date technical information on the website too.

The website is also rather amusing and I find myself chuckling at its content frequently. This is one of the little extras (along with the sweets - that my kids love) that none of the dealerships provide.

Sweeties & Freebies
I know of no other dealership that gives away free chinese sweets and first aid kits with each letter!

Excellent service at highly competitive prices - all delivered on time with a smile, what more can a man ask for? Highly recommended.

Car Leasing Sites - mikeyb
Another recomendation for Ling (and before anyone acuses me I have been a member of the backroom for a number of years)

The service was always quick and she delivers on her promises - right down to ensuring that my factory build was delivered the same day as my existing lease was collected. Her price was the cheapest by a fair way - basical next nearest quotes I was getting were the same as lings but ex VAT, so at the time 15% more.

She is open and honest, and the reason that there are so many first time posters on here is because Ling has mailed us all and asked us to contribute in an honest way - good or bad.

She also builds relationships with customers - I hear from her every few months checking that the car is Ok and giving me the oportunity to log my mileage with her so we can ensure that the contract is the right one. Her "lingo" system is barking mad, but works well and delivery what you need.

My only negative would be that she can sometimes be a little informal in her communications and I can see that would put some people off

HJ - I'll drop you a mail
Car Leasing Sites - nev cov
I have used several "dealers" over the years for lease vehicles and I can honestly say Lings (Lingscars.com) is quite extraordinary.
I have recently (dec 09) obtained a nice merc through Ling, and the service/delivery/price has been superb.

Her staff are responsive, and she is a wonder woman! She is in the process of sorting out some issues I have with the dealer - all part of the service - and fully supportive.

The web site is a bit crazy - but this is typically eastern style web mania - once you have got used to the mass of info on the screen you find out stuff quite quickly.

She must have a very original business model to keep the costs down - which is completely customer focussed - unlike it seems other lease companies which are fat cat focussed!

Due to the change in the company car schemes we are seeing and the increasing focus on personal cost - I have recommended Ling to many of my business colleagues - I dont know if any have leased through her yet - but I am sure they will.

Get a quote and you will see...

Hope it helps!

p.s. She is also completely nuts....in a nice way. And if you think this post is coming from Ling herself - drop me your email address and I will personally email/contact you...

Car Leasing Sites - Mo-pink
Ling Cars....Great lady although a bit quirky, but she does the job, great staff who do what they say they are going to do and not leave you wondering whats happening with your car...I needed a car quickly last year so gave them a 5 week challenge...all the paper work was done so quickly and I got my A Class Merc a week early, delivered on time and have been very happy since, will use her again:)
Car Leasing Sites - Honestjohn
As I posted. I NEED E-MAILED RECOMMENDATIONS WITH A SNAIL-MAIL ADDRESS. I won't include anything simply posted in The Backroom or e-mailed to me without an address. But actually, I've got enough now anyway. So please stop.

Car Leasing Sites - jbif
So please stop. >>

and Lock the thread ?

Car Leasing Sites - Armstrong Sid
This has actually been counter-productive in my eyes. I'm not likely to be in the market for Ling's products, but I take an instant dislike to any business organisation which will mobilise its clients for promotional purposes to such a cynical degree.

Edited by Armstrong Sid on 16/02/2010 at 18:35

Car Leasing Sites - Dram
If there is a good news story to tell then it must be told. She was recommended by one of her customers and now I too am converted to Ling. I have nothing but praise for the way in which the whole process was handled from order to delivery. Nothing was too much trouble and all queries were answered promptly and appropriate action taken and confirmed by secure e-mail. Yes the web site is loaded with humour but once you look past it what you see is what you get. Price quoted on the website is what I paid and most other companies struggled to match even their own on line prices.
Car Leasing Sites - Cherry Tree Pub
Lingscars, without a doubt. I have been leasing cars for more years than you could mention and I have never found any company as easy, fun and fast as Lings cars. Her team are second to none. Good bye Masterlease.......>> Has anyone used any good car leasing websites where I can compare a good lease
Car Leasing Sites - elbee100
I agree with others regarding Lings Cars. I leased a Mercedes CLC from her some months ago and the deal was by far the best around. The whole process was amazingly easy and she is incredibly honest. The customer service is the best I've encountered for some time and replies to my emails were amazingly fast. They dont offer hire purchase just rental but hey if you want to drive a brand new car with minimum commitment then I doubt if you can find a cheaper alternative.
Car Leasing Sites - oneoff
Ling was brilliant for me. Very clear, open and honest and everything happened as she promised. When there was a glitch she solved it. And some great deals too. I have recommended Ling to many people.
Car Leasing Sites - Armstrong Sid
Does the phrase "I now want to throw up" get caught by the swear filter?
Car Leasing Sites - commerdriver
totally nauseating, and very counterproductive.
3 genuine posters, long term backroomers.
As for the rest and the organisation who gets them mobilised
For the sake of common sense please lock this thread
Car Leasing Sites - plduffett
Feel I have to have a say.

I had never heard of Honest John.co.uk until this thing with Ling came up. I have had two lease cars from Ling (and 3 from elsewhere) and I have to say very helpful, on both return and delivery. Feedback is on her website from satisfied customers, we are not on the payroll!

You can all bitch about Ling soliciting feedback, but the fact that we have all rallied, signed up and supported her should say a lot. Spread the news, fantastic service!!

It is wonderful to have customer service, rather than the usual take it or leave it attitude usually associated with cheap leases.

Other lease companies should sit up and take notice. Its not just a gimmick, the info on the website goes well above what is required, is very helpful and entertaining and up front about costs.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 17/02/2010 at 00:53

Car Leasing Sites - nev cov
totally nauseating and very counterproductive.
3 genuine posters long term backroomers.
As for the rest and the organisation who gets them mobilised
For the sake of common sense please lock this thread

So whats your lease site recommendation then mr.long term backroomer?
Have you got one?

Thanks, from a "genuine poster"....

Car Leasing Sites - Honestjohn
Okay, many thanks everyone. I've got enough now. At least 30 e-mails with names and addresses. Some lease 5 cars at a time. So case proved for Ling. But I will lock the thread simply because we have got enough and other backroomers are getting the hump.

Car Leasing Sites - stevo69
We got a VXR astra on a 3 year lease from Lingscars.com last year. Her service was great from the first enquiry we made. As for price, no one else came close. Will definately be getting our next car from her!!!!
Ling Valentine - binny800
We have recently had a car through Ling Valentine. We have recently had a car on a 1 year lease throughLing. The service was amazing they are friendly and the correspondance via email and Ling chat was exceptional. Good honest service at the right price and very efficient and true to their word. The car arrived exactly as I expected and very quickly, just over a week from initial enquiry to delivery.

Excellent I will certainly recommend them to anyone wishing to lease a vehicle

{moved to the thread discussing (among other things, Ling). Likewise other new posts will also be moved here}

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 17/02/2010 at 10:22

Ling Valentine - Honestjohn
As I stated, this thread is locked. Would anyone who wants to endorse Ling Cars please e-mail me at letters@honestjohn.co.uk with either your name and address or your company name and telephone number for validation. Ling is up for a HAT, that's understood. But we aren't going to allow her supporters to overwhelm The Backroom like a tsunami. So any further attempts to start new threads on Ling will get dumped and any further postings on Ling will get dumped until such a time as they become relevant again.

Car Leasing Sites [Read Only] - Bill L
Like many others, judging by the responses below, I can strongly recommend Lings Cars. The overall buying experience is fast, extremely efficient, reassuring, and a genuine pleasure from start to finish. And beyond! Ling keeps in touch well after the car has been delivered, just to check if you are still happy with the car, reminders about mileage etc - absolutely first class service. My car is due for replacement in 6 months, and I will use Lings Cars again, no question. I have also recommended to friends and work colleagues, who have all had similar experience. To be honest, just spending some time exploring the lingscars.com website, and you will see what a refreshing kick up the arris Ling has been to the industry. I hope she is there for many years to come.
Car Leasing Sites [Read Only] - ifithelps
removed - e-mail us in future or your account will be chopped

Edited by Pugugly on 22/02/2010 at 12:13

Car Leasing Sites [Read Only] - Pugugly
Well thank you - an e-mail to us would have been rather more helpful rather than exposing a security flaw by posting it.

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