Toyota Townace - John Davis
Can anyone give me any advice on the pitfalls of buying an imported Toyota Townace ? These imports seem to have excellent specification for the money and I understand there are quite a few dealers/distributors who can supply parts etc. However, my insurance company won't consider this type of vehicle when I have to soon change my splendid (145,000 mile) MK1 Nissan Prairie.
Also, there are dealers supplying MK2 Prairies from Japan, also with excellent specs. Do the advantages outway the disadvantages with this type of vehicle ? Could anyone who owns such a vehicle, give me their thoughts.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
RE: Toyota Townace - Honest John
Dear John,

A Townace is no more than a specced-up Liteace van, and the natural successor to the Space Cruiser. So it's a van, not a car, not even an MPV. The country is clogged with dodgy examples brought in as 'personal imports'when they were really trade imports, registered on no more than an MOT test and potentially not a good idea at all. That doesn't mean to say there aren't a few honest traders dealing in imported Jap Scrap like the Townace, but my advice is to be very wary indeed of such vehicles.

RE: Toyota Townace - Andrew Moorey
I agree with HJ. I have personal experience that they are very prone to cylinder head gasket failure.

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