06 1.6 servicing costs - marky73
I've just contacted my Renault dealer to get a price for servicing my Grand Scenic. They have quoted approx. £130 for using non-Renault parts and approx. £190 for using Renault parts. They then said this price was only applicable if it was due it's 3rd service (which it is). If it was the 4th service then the price would be over £400 using Renault parts.

I've looked at the service schedule and the 'big' service (i.e. requiring timing belt replacement) is at 5 years. I don't understand why the 4th service is so expensive.

Has anyone else been told this, or can offer any advice?


06 1.6 servicing costs - piston power
Try using a local indie using genuine parts you may find it much cheaper.

The cambelt is at 5 yrs but what is the mileage yours if high may need this doing at 4 yrs?
06 1.6 servicing costs - marky73
Only 34,000 so I wouldn't have thought this would need replacing yet. The service schedule states the cambelt requires changing at 5 years or 72,000 miles.
06 1.6 servicing costs - daveyjp
Admittedly a different make, but our Aygo has just had its third service and looking at the job sheet the fourth service has lots of extra work.

On many marques brake fluid is now recommended to be changed every two years and some dealers show no embarrasment in presenting you a bill for almost £100 for this.

Ask your dealer for a 4 year service job sheet.
06 1.6 servicing costs - Altea Ego
I bet that 4th service cost does not include the cost of changing the cam belt. Thats an additional service item and an additional cost.
06 1.6 servicing costs - foshizzle
Just get a standard service done for about £80 to £100. This way you get the stamp and you can just get the cambelt done at your leisure.
06 1.6 servicing costs - Victorbox
Just paid a smidge over £210 for 4th (main) service on my 06 Zafira at a VX main dealer. I'm amazed that a franchised Renault garage would even consider fitting non-Renault parts.

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