96 3059 ABS G Sensor - rg

I have a long-running intermittant ABS problem that the codes advise is this sensor, which sits in the centre console bheind the handbrake, and consists, so I undertstand, of 4 mercury switches which, along with some other electronics, detect sudden decelleration.

Breakers don't seem to have them, Isuzu parts say that, at best, they are on a three month back order from Japan, and the thing does not appear fixable.

Obviously, this takes the ABS off-line when it fails (which is during the driving off self-test, 100m or so from setting off)

There are odd mentions of these failing on other imports (yes, I have Googled). Does any listmember have a suggestion as to what I can do?

Driving backwards rapidly, then braking sharply seems to clear the fault, which points to something inside the switch, rather than the cabling, as does the fact that the ABS fail light will come typically when the vehicle has moved off the horizontal, sometimes even slightly.

This component is a NIPPON ABS part, I have a photo, and wondered if anyone can suggest anything, as I'm running out of options and the MOT is in a weeks time...


96 3059 ABS G Sensor - CraigP
If it functions just as a switch, no fancy canbus controller on board etc. could you take it out of the circuit altogether?

Either taping the wires up to prevent contact or taping them together if it needs to maintain contact to tell the ABS controller everything is ok?

96 3059 ABS G Sensor - WorkshopTech
As I understand these vehicles this G-sensor is used to disable abs on bumpy roads. It is also used by the engine ECU is disable misfire detection (because driving on bumpy roads causes kickback at the crank).
So you cannot do without this sensor.
I would try e-mailing an Isuzu dealer in Europe or the US to see if they can supply one and ship it by airmail. I replaced one years ago and it cost about £100 (I think!). You could also try calling Blueprint to see if they can help.
96 3059 ABS G Sensor - rg

Thanks for the response.

Yes indeed, this would be an ideal fix. However, I have my suspicions that the ECU is "looking" for something from it in terms of signal. I could open it up and take a look, but as it's a sealed unit, I risk damaging it, and ending up with no ABS at all, whereas, I have a functioning system for most of the time at the moment.

It would be interesting to hear from someone who has done this.

96 3059 ABS G Sensor - CraigP

I was flicking through the December 2009 issue of Car Mechanics magazine and i immediately thought of your thread :-) They had a feature on the trooper.

Possible leads:

Isuzu Trooper and Vauxhall Montery are supposedly one and the same. Your local vauxhall dealer may be worth a shout?

Nippon Automotive: www.nipponautomotive.co.uk

Other contacts they listed that might help:

Birmingham Motor Parts: www.japanese4x4spares.co.uk
Isuzu Trooper Owners Club: www.itocuk.co.uk
Jap Spares: www.japspares.co.uk
Japarts: www.japarts.co.uk
Milner Offroad: www.milneroffroad.com

They mentioned a special thanks to Robin Rymell in the same useful contacts box suggesting he might be worth a shout for contacts.

It's the December 2009 issue, don't see an issue number on the cover but the main cover image is a J-reg Ford Granada (whatever floats your boat!!).

Back issues are listed at £4.35 each inc. delivery. Telephone: 01959 541 444

Hope it helps

p.s. almost everytime WorkshopTech posts i end up learning something worthwhile remembering!
96 3059 ABS G Sensor - rg
Thanks, both!

WorkshopTech, I suspect that the ABS simply controls the brakes in my case, with no link to an engine ECU. My machine is not "fly by wire", but has a good old mechanical link to the fuel pump,and no significantly large ECU that I've identified in the ten years of ownership and home mechanicing. Basically, the design dates from the late-eighties at least, being a redesign of the earlier Trooper. It's refreshingly basic in most aspects.

CraigP, thanks for the suggestions. I've had positive responses from some breakers on eBay last night, so may have found one.

I can't recommend ITOC highly enough for technical advice on Troopers. Plenty of knowledgeable chaps with dirty fingernails. Likewise, Milners are very helpful, and parts remarkably reasonable.

Thanks again!


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