06 1.8 Alarm goes off if I unlock door with key - JD69
Recently purchase a 2006 (56) Ford Focus from motabillity auction (BCA)

Only got 1 remote key.

Got another manual key cut from a hardware shop (Bouldings in Leicester) which he also programmed with some kind of key scanner and laptop software.

New key opens door and starts engine fine, but if I open rear door the alarm goes off.
The only way to then turn off the alarm is to use the unlock button on the remote key.

Took car to a garage I use often. Not Ford but he use to fix my old fiesta for several years.
The guy fidled around with both keys and his outcome was that if use remote signal all works ok, but if use either key to open door manually it does not disable the alarm with the rear door and as a reslut the alarm start off.

He seems to think it is a problem with the lock and there is some kind of swicth to replace in the lock mechanisim.
But it seems odd the alarm dosent go off when I open driver door.
Could it be the new key I got made messed up the alarm system?

I havent found anything on the net about problems with the locks on Focus and alarm system so could it still be a problem with the programming.
The car has only done 15K so seems odd it should be faulty?

I dont realy want the the guy removing the door paneling and fiddling with the lock unless needed.


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06 1.8 Alarm goes off when opening manualy with ke - elekie&a/c doctor
I think you will find this to be normal.Opening/closing with the remote is the only way to turn off alarm.Opening with the key will not de-activate alarm untill the key is in steering lock with ignition on.Vauxhall use the same system.hth
06 1.8 Alarm goes off when opening manualy with ke - Simon
I too think that it sounds fairly normal. The plain key is more of a back-up than an everyday key. If you want two keys that perform all of the everyday functions then you should have bought another remote key.
06 1.8 Alarm goes off when opening manualy with ke - Fullchat
Thats how it works. If you use your OE spare key it is chipped. Put it in the ignition and turn on and everything works as it should.
06 1.8 Alarm goes off when opening manualy with ke - rtj70
As all the others say this is exactly how it works. Even if you used the original key (not the remote part) to open the car the alarm will sound.

Only options are get another remote for the car or when you unlock it put the key in the ignition and turn to disable the alarm. But the alarm will initially sound with this method. If that is not acceptable then you do need the extra remote.
06 1.8 Alarm goes off when opening manualy with ke - JD69
Thanks guys for the feedback. I tested as you said and works as you said.
Looks like another £100 for a remote again, at least I have a manual backup just it case.

Dont know if all these key fiddle instructions are in the owners manuals because I didnt get one. I orderd a Haynes manual so presumably all these bits and more should be in there.

Either way you saved me an expensive trip to my local mechanic, Im not sure he realy knew what he was doing? He was the same guy who diagnosed my olds car cylinder had lost compresion AFTER he changed the exhaust.


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