04 1.6 Water leak - Tom P
I suspect that the water pump is leaking as (although i cant get under the car as its snowing) when I checked the header tank it was near empty and after refilling I found a constant drip under the car which looks to be coming down by the auxillary belt.

Is the water pump on the fusion 1.6 petrol driven from the auxillary belt or the cambelt?

Also is it normal to have air being expelled from the oil filler cap if removed while the engine is running?

04 1.6 Water leak - Faxo
Very common for the water pumps to leak on these, and its driven by the aux belt, but you have to remove the timing belt cover to get to some bolts.

I personally wouldn't recommend removing the oil cap while its running as you usually get splattered with oil, but yeah air will be expelled
04 1.6 Water leak - Tom P
Thanks for the speedy reply, at least I now now that it'll be a cheap repair as I didnt really want to try changing the timing belt myself


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