Drink / Drive Campaign - Ben 10
Every year just before Christmas, the government usually launches, with much publicity, their seasonal anti drink drive advertising campaign.

This seemed to pass me by this year. I don't recall the usual fanfare or the adverts in the press or on TV. If there was such a campaign, I missed it, so did anyone else?

I heard a report that DD figures were up for Christmas 2009, can anyone back this up.
Drink / Drive Campaign - sporty
Can't say I remember seeing it, but the campaigns can be found here: www.dft.gov.uk/think/focusareas/driving/drinkdrivi...g.
Drink / Drive Campaign - aloedrink

Do not drink when driving, it is all people have to follow. Really want to drink things, you can use drinks instead.You can try this product :

(No you can't.)

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Drink / Drive Campaign - Wackyracer

I remember seeing some statistics that showed there are more cases of drink driving in the hottest summer months than at Christmas/new year.

Drink / Drive Campaign - FP

It always puzzles my why spammers are so inarticulate. Maybe their first language isn't English, or maybe they're in a hurry.

But WTF does this mean?

"Really want to drink things, you can use drinks instead."

Supposedly the poster wants us all to switch to his/her promoted soft drinks. But it's funny, you know - I don't have the slightest inclination to click on the link.

Drink / Drive Campaign - gordonbennet

The problem with spammers is they haven't the foggiest notion of what sort of website they are spamming.

Once a business that uses spam is known on a site like this it's not just that regular users will ignore them, they will go out of their way to never use that product or service ever and let others know too to avoid, talk about shoot yourself in the foot.


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