Cheap Pontiacs in the US... - Nickdm
I've read in the paper that GM in the US is desperate to offload old stocks of Pontiacs and Saturns. With a talked-about discount of US$7K, the Pontiac G3 will only cost US$8K. But then on closer inspection the G3 is nothing more than a re-skinned 90s Daewoo Kalos, aka the Holden Barina in Oz. Still not worth over 5 grand in our money IMHO!

Will GM also start slashing the prices of SAABs in stock in January one wonders? UK13K for a new 9-3 anyone?!
Cheap Pontiacs in the US... - Falkirk Bairn
SAAB will drip feed the cars to the UK market, prices will ease month by month as time goes bye but I would not imagine a fire sale with 50% off until you get to the very last ones with a huge spec of extras that have been lying around for years.

Recently a local Subaru garage sold nigh on 3 yr (with 10 mls on the clock) old spec Outbacks for £15K - 09 Reg