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I have lost my key plus remote for my combo van and I dont have the master key what can I do. how can I get a new key cut. Geoff

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Main dealer, I would imagine. Take V5C and a couple of bits of identification.
I would think a new key could take a while due to them being chipped to match the van.

Good luck.

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Maybe www.autolocksmiths.net/
04 1.3 lost key - John S
Some independent locksmiths can clone existing keys, so if you have a spare, then that's an option.

Otherwise if you've no keys at all, Vauxhall dealer, with V5, ID and, if you have it, the 'Car Pass' that comes with all Vauxhalls. This has the has the key number (so a key comes ready cut) and the Car Code, needed to programme the ECU to accept the new key. Car is programmed to accept a key(not the other way about), which is why locksmith cloned keys work. No such thing as a master key on Vauxhall. Dealer can get a new car pass if lost, but this will cost extra.

04 1.3 lost key - Dynamic Dave
If you know someone with an Op-Com (can be purchased off ebay for something like £40 to £60) then they can programme the replacement key to the car (both the remote locking and immobiliser chip). All they need is the relevant security codes from the Car Pass.

You can buy replacement remotes from ebay (MAKE sure the replacement remote and transponder ARE brand new from the person you're buying from or you won't be able to programme them). The Car Pass will have the key number written on it for a new one to be ordered from Vauxhall.

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04 1.3 lost key - hornetuk
THanks for your help I will go to a Vauxhall dealer and try my luck there. regards Hornie

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