03 1.4 No Power - ctomlins
My HDI has come back from having a new timing belt fitted and has no power. Living on an island and only having done 25k miles to date all at low speeds the garage says that the engine is cartboned up. The car was good when it went in and had no power when it came out they spent days looking for the problem and now want to take the head of. I dont think this is the problem as I would expect black smoke.
Also the engine does not respond until the accelorator pedal has been depressed more than usual and then picks up more slowly even when stationary.
They assure me that timing is not the problem as they have rechecked this.
At the same time as fitting the timing belt they cured a gasleak on one of the injectors but took all of them out and replaced the seals
03 1.4 No Power - injection doc
sounds very much like a school boy error on a timing belt issue. If the have disturbed the fuel rail to do the injector seals is the throttle cable set correctly. May be its too slack 7 not opening the throttle
03 1.4 No Power - ctomlins
Thanks i will have al ook tomorrow

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