01 2.0 Strange Judder ????? - nick.bdk
Just brought my 2.0 tddi mondeo from an auction. Didnt pay too much for it. I got in it, it started fine and the idle sat fine (it was quite smokey but i put this down to being a deisel). I then took it for a little drive, now i have never had one of these before so dont actually know how much power they are ment to have, but as i put my foot down it just didnt feel like it had much go, also the big problem, if i put my foot down in first or second it judders like mad, so i stopped and revved it to 2k rmp, i keep my foot still, but the needle was all over the place and felt to be misfiring quite badly and also puffed a lot of smoke out . (I did decide it was not a good idea to drive it home because of this) I didnt really get into any other gears as i could only drive it in a small car park so couldnt tell you if it like it all the way through the box. Now im thinking maybe something to do with fuel???? Also as it got up to temp it was (i would say) very smokey!!!! Has anyone go any ideas at all??? Any help would be great. Thanks
01 2.0 Strange Judder ????? - RichardW
Head gasket? Probably why it was at the auction in the first place....
01 2.0 Strange Judder ????? - gordonbennet
As RW or recent misfuelling, either petrol or some twit running on mazola.

Unless you've got deep pockets i'd chuck it back in another auction pronto.