05 1.9 Windows opening at night - Nick.e
Recently I put the car away on the drive for the night and locked it. It rained heavily and then froze a bit. By the morning the windows were all fully open and the car was dry. The keys sit on a hook at night so the opening button could not have been pressed.
My garage has not found anything wrong with the ECU and is making further enquiries.
It has done it before on very cold days, but then the windows only opened a bit.
Could it be the driver's door window seals letting water onto the door lock unit, as I notice these seals do not wipe the glass very well and could be worn.
I do not use my local Skoda garage as I was disgusted with the way they misdiagnosed a fault with my radio amplifier, but that is another story. Nick.E

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05 1.9 Windows opening at night - sparky93
hi, i have heard of this some time ago. but google not much help or im too asleep. common on most vag cars. may be the door keylock . the designed feature if u use key, if you hold in the locked position, all windows close. unlock and hold, all windows open fully or till you release key.
05 1.9 Windows opening at night - sparky93
05 1.9 Windows opening at night - sparky93
I woke up this morning to my girlfriend telling me that the window of my golf were open. I obviously didn't believe her because I remember locking the car the night before and the windows were closed.

To my disbelieve she was right. My window had opened themselves overnight, all four were open fully. The doors were still locked.

I really can't understand how this happened. Does anyone have an idea?

I have a new 1.9 tdi golf 2008 model.
05 1.9 Windows opening at night - sparky93
Re: Octavia Electric windows opening randomly


I bought a 2003 Octavia in 2006 and had a similar problem about a year later. I would find the windows open in the morning sometimes - or they would open/close at random - sometimes when I was driving! Pretty scary..... I took it to the dealer and they said that there was a known fault whereby the central doors/windows control mechanism (in the driver's door) would get damp and some of the terminals would corrode and cause intermittent problems. I had to get a new control unit and the problem went away. Sometimes, individual pins within the unit may be replaced (depending on how bad it is) but you'd have to get advice on this.....
05 1.9 Windows opening at night - Nick.e
Many thanks for that..I will book it in and get the door looked at. Will let you know if any problems. N.