Beware parking tickets on 26 Dec - henry k
BBC reporting that Westminster and some other councils are saying that as 26 Dec is on a Saturday so it is NOT a bank holiday so parking wardens have a free run.
Beware parking tickets on 26 Dec - rtj70
And because it's not a Bank Holiday, we get the following Monday off instead. So not all bad news ;-)
Beware parking tickets on 26 Dec - Badwolf
Up here in Southport, we have a happy band of traffic wardens/parking attendants who dispense common sense, joy and goodwill on a daily basis. (Can you spot the sarcasm here? Stuartli will hopefully back me up!)

One New Year's Day, a whole line of cars that had been left on the Promenade after the previous night's festivities were given parking tickets at between 0803 and 0810. The charging period starts at 0800 so there must have been more than one warden on at that time to book all those cars.

I know that there is the school of thought that states "if you don't want to be fined then don't park illegally", and it is one that I happen to subscribe to. However, to fine motorists for doing the sensible thing at such an early hour on one of the most widely-observed bank holidays of the year is unduly harsh, nonsensical and smacks of the 'fill our coffers at any cost' mentality that pervades local authorities these days.

Beware parking tickets on 26 Dec - movilogo
Can someone tell how 29-31 Dec is treated for parking point of view?

All buses and trains follow Saturday/Sunday timetable during this time.