90 1.3 Engine dies when trying to accelerate - Delysher
I have a H reg 1990 ford escort 1.3cc.
The car appeared to be faulty amd was kind of misfiring when trying to accelerate and at a contant speed.

Also from stand still it struggkled when accelerating.

The car broke down yeasterday and everytime it was started and I tried to accelerate it dies.

It seems as if it is misfiring. I have changed the spark plugs and it still not resolved the ptroblem.

Any other ideas what may be wrong guys ?

kind regards

Delysher 37

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90 1.3 Engine dies when trying to accelerate - Peter.N.
I don't have much experience of modern petrol engines as I have run diesels for about 30 years but this sounds like one of the old school. If it has a conventional distributer the first thing to check is the contact breaker gap, it will cause these symptoms if it is to wide. Try disconnect one plug lead, stick a screwdriver or something in to the cap so that you can create a spark to earth, if it will tickover with one lead off, try reving it and see if the lead stops sparking or only sparks intermittently, if the spark is still good you have a fuel problem, probably weak mixture. If it has a carburetter, try reving the engine and putting your hand over the air intake (filter off) if there is a blockage in the carb this may welll shift it.

If its to modern to have any of the above I'm afraid I can't help.
90 1.3 Engine dies when trying to accelerate - piston power
It will be electronic ignition but might require new leads you say plugs are new is there a gap no electrode bent?

Might be damp in cap try new cap and rotar arm.

If still misfiring then do a compression check but try basics first...........