06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - FocusDriver
Hello folks, I really need someone's help.

My car was bought in July at a well known car supermarket. It's 3 years old.

Having resolved to try and work out why I had such a bad condensation problem in my car following the truly torrential rain a week ago, I found several litres of water in the passenger side footwells, most of which I've mopped up.

I've done a search on the interweb and found LOTS of references to Focuses leaking into the footwells but only for the old shape (98-04) models.

I know this is difficult to diagnose because of all the little crevasses and cracks there are everywhere on any car but I'm hoping that someone else has had this problem and managed to resolve it. I've held a torch and peered into the engine bay but, not knowing what I'm looking at, it just makes the whole thing more depressing. My gut feeling is that the leak is originating at the front of the car, though the water has managed to soak into many areas along the passenger side.

I don't have £1000 to fix this problem and I don't want it to start stinking and creating mould.

Any thoughts extremely welcome :)

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06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - Fullchat
Pollen filter is the favourite area for leaks on the Focus.

Lift the bonnet, unfasten the plastic scuttle panel at the bottom of the windscreen. Careful this time of year as the plastic is brittle and the filter should be under there on the nearside.

May also be all sorts of muck and debris blocking the drain holes.
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - FocusDriver
Thanks Fullchat,

Today I cleared out quite a few leaves from both wiper recesses, just the normal, nothing silty or clearly likely to cause such a flood. Interesting you mention the scuttle panel and pollen filter - seen references to this while researching but its location wasn't apparent earlier (in the dark) - though I tried to make it look like I knew what I was doing ;)

Another thing which I noticed - and I think is completely separate to the flood I posted about - is that the aerial fixing on the roof is also letting in water. Would explain why I thought I saw a drip from the sun visor housing. Great eh.

Anyway, have a couple of days off work so must get this fixed. It's not something I want to leave until it starts to affect anything electrical. Will definitely try the pollen filter thing first off and, failing that, will probably end up at my indie garage.
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - ifithelps
A couple of leaves near where the bonnet hinge disappears into the scuttle panel caused water to leak into the footwell of my 02 Focus.
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - FocusDriver
IIH - thanks, I guess I shouldn't rule it out. I've just rung my indie garage and the chap *immediately* mentioned the heater matrix which I thought was odd. The heater's working fine and I've not seen any references to this failing in my research into this problem. It's a big job.

Anyway, they can't fit me in 'till tomorrow so that's another day of sitting in the rain.

Hope your CC is still managing to make you smile!
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - Pete Mansell
I thought the above comments about the pollen filter only apply to the Mark 1 Focus. As far as I know, on the MK 11, the filter is accessed from inside the car, above the passenger footwell.

If it is the heater matrix leaking, I would have thought you could tell the difference between plain water and engine coolant in the footwell.

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06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - andyp
The OP stated that there were several litres of water in the footwell, if this was the case you would certainly have an empty coolant reservoir if it was the heater matrix leaking !
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - Altea Ego
And it would smell like coolant
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - FocusDriver
Ah, so if it's the heater matrix, it'd be coolant that would ingress? Well it's definitely not coolant, the water I'm mopping up is odourless and very clean (in that it's not ruining any towels or leaving a hint of any residue).

So that's some progress anyway, thanks once more. At least I can draw the garage's attention to the fact that it's not coolant and to perhaps check the pollen filter first.

Also grateful to learn that the pollen filter isn't accessible from the engine bay - I stared long and hard for that and even dived indoors to find a powerful torch to no avail!

Again, thanks for your thoughts guys, sometimes it's just the little things which help.
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - Fullchat
If its not under the scuttle I do apologise :-(

I was under the impression it was. I've just got rid of an 05 Focus but never got round to the pollen filter.
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - Dynamic Dave
FORD Focus II (04 >)


Q. Where is the pollen filter?
A. Centre behind centre consule

FORD Focus (98 >)


Q. Where is the pollen filter?
Q. Passenger side under plastic cover at the base of the windscreen
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - honeybear
Had the same on my 08 Focus and in reply to above points, the pollen filter is inside the car I believe, are you loosing coolant? check the expansion tank, if you are the heater matrix is the problem could be a loose pipe, could be the drain pipe for the A/C which is behind the centre console, could be a water leak from outside very difficult to pinpoint. I found that with all the water getting in the carpet underlay had become so sodden it was impossible to dry out in situ so I cut it out from the footwell, the car has been in the dealers 5 times on this and they have reconnected heater and a/c pipes on various ocassions and I am still not convinced it is fixed however they know best! I am just going to leave mine for now as the car is on a lease and will go back next year so in the best traditions of the car game will be someone elses problem.
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - honeybear
So much for that idea ! the wipers packed in yesterday and it's not just a fuse so back to the dealers again so I've told them to look at the water leak again whilst it's in. Told it may be some time as there are five cars in for water leak (interior) problems at the time.
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - ifithelps
...Hope your CC is still managing to make you smile!...


Yes, thanks.

No leaks from the roof, which is the main thing.

The seals squeak and creak a bit sometimes, but then so do I. :)

When I had my little leaf problem with the last Focus, I noticed how clean the water in the footwell was.

As others have said, there's no way your leak can be the heater matrix.

Hope it's sorted soon.

06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - FocusDriver

UPDATE 31st Dec 2012

I thought it was worth updating this for anyone who comes across a MKII focus which leaks. I understand 2006-08 models are known for a few having problems - though they remain, on whole, leak free. In spite of owning a lemon, I am still considering buying another Focus!

Anyway, shortly after my OP back in 2009, a local independent found that the *rear light cluster fixings* were letting in a surprising amount of water into the rear passenger footwell. Proper puddles, not just a bit of moisture. They fixed the problem and charged a very nominal fee which proved their worth as one of HJ's Good Garages (Witmun Engineering).

After that, the entire floorpan of my car was of course sopping wet and would, in time, turn unsavoury and possibly foster a variety of yellow and orange mushrooms. A call to my insurer with the red telephone culminated in their being prepared to sort it out in spite of this not being covered. Goodwill if you like, for which I was grateful.
The car was then in an insurance repair centre for one month which cost me about £1000 in car hire and alternative arrangements. To say I felt sorry for myself would be an understatement; it depressed me greatly.

When I eventually got the car back, it was poorly repaired but dry, and remained so for about 18 months.

Then, recently, a series of occasions on which my alarm would sound when it rained alerted me to the fact that the leak had returned. I ignored it, switched off the alarm every time I parked up and tried not to think about it for my sanity.

Then, Christmas morning 2012, the Focus Rains returned in earnest. I drove to my nearby destination surrounded by pools of water, being dripped on and drank lots of red wine as quickly as possible to rekindle the badly flagging Chritmas spirit. I didn't feel very festive that day.

Between Christmas/New Year I comandeered my parents' garage and set to work to sort the problem once and for all and dry out the insulation somehow.
What I found out was the following:

For years, possibly from new, the windscreen seal on the *driver's side* at the top corner had a gap in the sealant. Only as the exterior screen seal (which rests against the paint right at the top of the w'screen) let in tiny bits of silt and gunk, water then seeped down through the gap in the seal. But it didn't settle on the drivers side - and it never did. Due to how I have to park at home, water was entering there, running along the inside of the roof lining, and down the other side of the car, eventually settling in the rear footwell, at the opposite end of the car.

I rang a small independent windscreen guy on 27th Dec, who, understandably, didn't want to come out if he could help it, as he was in the bosom of family and children, poor chap. He kindly took 20 minutes to explain what I need do to seal the gap. He even told me how to remove bits of the inside of my car to access the point more easily. I thanked him profusely for being so kind and set to work sealing the gap which was very awkward and unsuccessful the first time as I'd not dried the area well enough. Eventually I emptied a small tube of expensive sealant into a cavity which didn't seem to fill at first and felt that it should do the trick, though I was never confident I could fix it myself.

A test a few hours later confirmed that water was not ingressing there any more so I began to dry out the interior. To do this, I removed the front passenger seat from its mountings (but didn't remove the airbag gubbins for fear of needing factory resets etc) and propped open the little hole which the heater uses with a screwdriver and directed a fan heater into the damp darkness for four and a half days or about 100 hours. Dad on the heavy power use: "You've always cost me a fortune son".

As a "belt and braces" job, I ordered a new scuttle panel and paid some attention to the drainage at the front of the car, using wire to clear a blockage on the driver side engine bay, also used sealant to ensure the gap immediately above the rear boot hinges was closed, removed the spolier and sealed the screw holes, other points of ingress I've found in various corneres of the internet.

Today is the first big test and just a few minutes ago, after an afternoon of heavy rain, the usual puddle is absent about which I am mildly ecstatic.

I love my Focus as have been looking at newer cars as a means of closure on this unhappy experience, but now it seems to be OK, I find myself surprised at how uneasy I am at the thought of getting rid of it.

A big thanks to those above who tried to help with my problem and to the HJ site which has proved invaluable as a reference tool. Hopefully this rather wordy write-up might help a poor soul in a similar situation.

06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - Happy Blue!
Well done. Water leaks into cabin are a pain to diagnose of the source is not the usual suspect off blocked drain or filter. Been there, done it and got several T-shirts (two Fiats and a VW).
06 1.6 Major leak into passenger & rear footwell - willow

Hi. I have exactly the same problem with my 2002 1.6 Zetec. Temporary solution to passanger footwell issue which solved the problem for me, was to apply a clear silicone seal where the windscreen meets the scuttle plate. I have to reaply every three months or so but it stopped my leak dead in its tracks. Luckily, the carpets have been saved thanks to Focus rubber car mats which have a raised lip that has prevented the water overflowing on to the carpet.

It is a well know fault with this model, or so I'm told. As the car ages the seal becomes less effective, causing leaks.


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