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hi guys, please please can anyone help,, i have a peugeot 307 sw se 2.0 hdi.. some weeks back a engine warning light came on. its glows orange, and on the display screen it reads " engine anti pollution system faulty". plus on top of this, the fuel cunsumption has dropped drastically i mean on a full tank of diesel i am getting about 130 miles and then i am bone dry, time to refill. on inquiring at the main peugoet dealership they said that they needed the car to a full diagnostics and go from there, thus they did, they came back with. the serine fluid tank was empty, apperently this fluid is a additive, which is injected, into the tank every time you release the fuel filler cap,,, i had to go with what they said,they said apart from re-filling the serine fluid tank, it would also need what is called re-force generation, they said they have to do this to reset the allowance of fluid injected into the tank, all this work was done on friday 4th decembar 2009, and i am 200 quid ligther in my wallet. i was told job done completed, i should be happy and back to normal. guess what just after 11 miles of driving yes you guessed it engine warning light back on,and fuel consumption back to same, i filled up yesterday i have done 87 miles and i am up half a tank already,the car is going back in tomorrow back to peugoet ,i am at my wits with this car, can anyone please help.. it seems peugoet have no clue what they are doing,, any feedback would be greatly appreciated thank you charlie

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03 2.0 engine anti pollution system faulty ??? - adverse camber
Do a forum search for FAP - you'll find lots of threads discussing this anti-pollution system and the problems.

Its possible that they havent reset the system properly, however, the message says system faulty rather than anything about the filter blocked or additive needed - so it is possible that you have a problem with the fap ecu or the pressure sensors. I would ask them for a full list of the fault codes they found.
03 2.0 engine anti pollution system faulty ??? - Armitage Shanks {p}
What the garage told you sounds entirely correct, althought the additive is called EOLYS. The price they have charged is cheap as the liquid is £25/litre and 5 are needed for a full refill and they haven't sorted it, by what you say. Welcome to the world of French EU4 compliant diesel engines!