What would you do? - Bedhead

My other half has a year old Fabia HTP, it started running a bit rough just before its first service and was given a diagnostic check, which according to the dealer showed nothing wrong.

After the service, the car has run rougher than before, the management light has came on several times but usually resets itself after standing overnight. After the car became a hesitant starter and seemed to be lacking power, we tried to book it into the dealers for a check, after 5 days of calls, we tried another dealer who eventually beseeched our original dealer to return our call.

The car was booked in yesterday and apparantly a "software update" (dealers words) was applied and the car was given back to my partner, she asked was she to sign anything that stated the work was done and she was told no.

Today the warning light is back on and the car is running rougher than an old diesel 405!

The OH is really annoyed and feels she is being fobbed off, can we legitimately take it to another dealer or do you think it would be better complaining to Skoda UK? as our local dealer is utterly useless.
What would you do? - Avant
You can take it to any Skoda dealer and get work done under warranty. There are plenty of good Skoda delaers around: if you tell us what area you're in, I expect someone will be able to tell you of one.
What would you do? - bimmer-driver
Get in touch with Skoda UK- should be on their website somewhere and tell them of the ineptitude of 2 of their dealers. You'll probably get a call from one of them within the hour.
What would you do? - stunorthants26
Id second calling Skoda UK, they dont like to hear that their representitives are making them look bad, especially since Skoda has a good rep to maintain.
Its also worth checking Skoda/VAG forums as its likely its happened before and being able to direct the dealer in the right direction can help to narrow down the fault.
What would you do? - Auristocrat
A colleauge recently had similar problems with his Fabia 1.2- poor running and the engine management light coming on.
The dealer eventually admitted that this engine can develop compression problems - had the car in for a week and finally cured the issue.
What would you do? - Bedhead

I'm in Belfast and it's the main dealer.

We took the car back on monday, and we were informed they could book it in on Friday for a few days but no courtesy vehicle was available, this was no use as my OH has a meeting in Co. Meath at the weekend and if the car broke down, the dealer would have to bear the cost of cross border recovery and taxis etc.

Miraculously, a courtesy car became available for Friday!

Unfortunately the car is either running like a pig with the warning light on, or running fine with it off, depending what mood it's in.

What was interesting, is that the guy dealing with it was reading down a summary of the work carried out while muttering to himself, and I distinctly heard the words "Throttle Body"

At no time has anything except a diagnostic check and a "Flash upgrade" been mentioned.

Anyway, it's a horrible little car, the sooner the finance agreement ends and she can get a Focus or something, the better.
What would you do? - ajit
There is something wrong with these engines. Quie a few people in India have had problems and Skoda have taken the cars back and given diesels for a small fee
What would you do? - Bedhead

Well, it's finally fixed!

The light came on again just as SWMBO was pulling into the dealer, happily the fault code was still in the memory and one cam position sensor later, we have a nice car again!

Although we've lost a lot faith in the car, hopefully it can redeem itself!