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06 1.9TDi Timing belt changes ? - s lyle
I am looking at buying a 2006 TDi Passat, either in a 1.9 or 2.0 litre engine.

Can anyone tell me at what mileage the timing belt should be changed on these two engines and is it a costly / difficult job.



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06 1.9 Timing belt changes ? - Peter D
60,000 miles or 4 years £425 at my local Vag dealer. Regards Peter
06 1.9 Timing belt changes ? - 659FBE
A confused picture, as usual from VAG.

If you look in the service book provided with the vehicle there will be a mileage based figure - typically 80k miles. (I'm not going to give a definitive figure - you must check).

However, the importers in Milton Keynes have been pushing scrappy bits of paper around advising a 4 year belt change interval at some lower mileage figure. As it's a source of revenue, the dealers are keen to promte this.

To my knowledge, nowhere else on the planet is a 4 year change interval stipulated, so in my view this recommendation is an MK sourced scam. It's a neat one as it doesn't materially affect the fleet markets who offload within 4 years, but capitalises on private owners' wish to "care" for their vehicles. MK are well aware that vehicles older than 4 years are seldom seen by franchised dealers.

So, draw your own conclusions. My PD is entering its 6th year on the original belt which will be changed shortly, together with the water pump and all idlers. I have inspected the belt minutely and it is in perfect condition, of large size for its duty and made by a reputable supplier (Continental). If anything, the water pumps VAG fit are less reliable than any other part of the system as the plastic impellers break up - fit a pattern replacement with a metal impeller.

My recommendation would be to work well within the stipulation of the service book supplied with the vehicle and to change the full kit including water pump. Get a trusted independent to do the work.

06 1.9 Timing belt changes ? - Peter D
Yes I have just taken the second timing belt of an 02 1.9PD at 122,000 and the belt and the pump were in excellent condition. I have a US Passat manual and it clearly states 60K and 48 months. Regards Peter
06 1.9 Timing belt changes ? - craig-pd130
That's interesting, a couple of years ago I asked a bunch of US PD owners on TDI club what the timing belt interval was, and they were unanimous at 100K miles / 6 years

Edited to add that when I had the belt done on my 03 Passat, the price quoted at the VW main dealer was no more than at two other trusted independents I approached. I had it done at the VW dealer.

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06 1.9 Timing belt changes ? - s lyle
Peter D, 659FBE and Craig-pd130,

Thank you very much for your prompt replies.

I think that I'll err on the side of caution and change the belt and the tensioner every 60k miles, as I did on my old Passat PD 130.

06 1.9 Timing belt changes ? - JohnM{P}
The interval on my 05 105 1.9TDi Golf is 80k miles (as per service book).
If/when you get the car, a VW dealer can look up your engine code from the car reg. to tell you the specified mileage interval for your particular engine, as codes can change during a model's life.
06 1.9 Timing belt changes ? - s lyle
Thanks for your reply John M.

I will have to look at each cars service book when I am assessing their cost of servicing, before I make an offer.

It never ceases to amaze me the parts / servicing differences in one engine over its lifespan .

I have had several Golfs and there are all sorts of variants of the "same" engine.

It looks like the Passats are going the same way.

Thanks again,


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