06 1.5 Clutch Problem - necon2006
Driving home last night and went to change gear, the clutch pedal suddeenly seemed a lot heavier and very reluctant to return. Slipping my foot under the pedal to get it to come back up provoked amuffled click or crack from somewhere, but the pedal still feels very heavy.

A quick look around the pedal box area when I got home shows nothing obviously amiss - I was expecting to see a return spring hanging down or something.
Any ideas anyone ?
06 1.5 Clutch Problem - DP
The exact same symptoms on our old Scenic 1.9dCi were followed a few miles later by total and complete failure of the concentric slave cylinder in the clutch. Have a look under the car for any signs of leaking hydraulic fluid around the gearbox bellhousing.
If this does go, it will leave you by the roadside, so get it checked before driving the car much further. It is a horribly common fault on Renaults, at least that's what the indie who fixed ours told us.
06 1.5 Clutch Problem - borasport20
Clutch started to slip on the way across the m62 this am - booked in tomorrow