97 1.9 Hot pipes... No heat !! - Mikey's 306
Hello all,

Your knowledge and advice is desperately needed here.

My sons 1997 306 1.9 TD only blows cold air. There are no leaks anywhere that I can find, and the vents do not let out any steam which I understand can sometimes happen should the matrix be leaking.

We have bled the system several times to no avail. The in and out pipes for the matrix are hot ( The "in" slightly hotter than the "out" ) We have flushed the matrix both ways which has dislodged a few bits and pieces but again to no avail. We have followed the cable from the rotary temperature dial to underneath the lower centre dash section and it does appear to be moving a red plastic lever down there. Whether that lever is actually turning anything or not, we don't know. How do we find out ? One peculiar thing is that when the air is directed to face it is just a little warm ( and I mean a little! ) When it is re-directed to screen it instantly becomes cold again.

Urgent advice or help needed on this please as I am concerned about visibility and frosting up now that winter is upon us. Thank you. John.
97 1.9 Hot pipes... No heat !! - Peter.N.
I think that you have eliminated everything except what you suspect, that the flap is not actually moving. When the air is directed to the face vents does the temperature control make any difference?
97 1.9 Hot pipes... No heat !! - Mikey's 306
Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, when it is set to hot, it is barely, barely warm. When it is moved to cold, it does become colder.

Hope this is of some help.
Thanks again. John.
97 1.9 Hot pipes... No heat !! - John F
Your problem sounds a bit like my post re Citroen Xsara overheating. Could it be that your water pump is not circulating the water properly? Impellor slipping on shaft? Can that happen? Could it be the same design as the 309 OHC water pump - a generic fault? Is yours not overheating because diesels run colder? All very interesting.
97 1.9 Hot pipes... No heat !! - Simon
It certainly sounds like there is very little warm water going through the heater matrix. Can you touch the matrix to see if it actually gets hot? If it doesn't then I suspect that a valve that controls the water flow to the matrix is knackered.
97 1.9 Hot pipes... No heat !! - Mikey's 306
Hello Simon,
Thanks for your reply. There's no way of getting to the matrix on these without removing the entire dash I'm afraid. So, no easy way of feeling the matrix for temperature.

The valves in the ducting are the next thing to look at before going for the matrix.

I think when they were building these 306's, the first item to come down the assembly line was a matrix. The rest of the car was then built around it.

Nightmare !!

Thanks again, John
97 1.9 Hot pipes... No heat !! - Mikey's 306
Hello John F,
Thanks for your reply.
No problems with any overheating ( as of yet!) Fingers seem to be pointing toward the matrix being at fault. Either that, or a problem of sorts with the ducting. Either way, it appears the dash will have to come off. A nightmare job I understand.

Thanks again. Hope you get your problem sorted. John.

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