97 1.6 Fan not working - resistor pack - Eagle-eyes
It looks like I need to replace the resistor pack, since the fan and therefore heater does not work. A while ago positions 3 & 4 worked - but now, nothing!

I've heard access is behind the glove box or near the base of the windscreen wipers, but not being familiar with the terms used & match what I see, against diagrams, I've not been able to locate it.

I couldn't see a pollen filter near the wipers, although it may be missing.

I have taken some pictures, but it doesn't look like I can include them with the message.

Also, is it advisable to buy a new resistor pack, or is 2nd hand OK ?

Thanks for your time, Eagle eyes
97 1.6 Fan not working - resistor pack - slowdown avenue
lift the bonnet. pull off rubber strip that runs the width off car, free cplasti rain channel, pollen filter box is central, release clips remove filter, get a torch a small tork screw apair of long nose pliers . second is ok if it known ok, these malfuction regularly
97 1.6 Fan not working - resistor pack - elekie&a/c doctor
Access to the heater fan and resistor pack is from the engine bay,at the rear ,near the windscreen wiper linkage.There are a few plastic covers that need to be removed and carefully re-sealed on re-fit otherwise you will get wet feet.If the resistor pack has totally failed,then I would take a close look at the motor to make sure it spins freely.I would go for new .A s/hand unit may be as bad as the one you have.From memory ,I think they cost around £20.hth
97 1.6 Fan not working - resistor pack - Eagle-eyes

Thanks for the help, guys.

I don't have the car now, and wasn't able to find the resistor pack in the end.


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