08 2.2 Slipping Clutch - Cheggers

Just dropped my PUG 4007 off at the garage as the clutch has started slipping. Took the tech for a drive and he confirmed so. All good till he told me that PUG have a limit of 20 000 miles warranty on the clutch, and as I have done 23 330 I would most likely be liable for all costs for this repair!!! Cost estimated upward of £1000. I use the car daily on a normal 20 mile commute, no back roads, go through a few towns and a bit of motorway. Get MPG up towards 40 most days as speed cameras etc restrict to 50 mph.

I can't see how I should be liable for all costs for a car that was new March 08, has never been loaded towed a caravan etc.

Anybody have similar issues with this or the 407 2.2HDi, which I think uses the same clutch?
08 2.2 Slipping Clutch - HyundaiOwnersClubAdmin
You will find most manufacturers are the same when it comes to wear and tear items. They do not want to know. Ring Peugeot Customer services and explain the situation-you never know!!!!
08 2.2 Slipping Clutch - rtj70
Even if the clutch wore out before the limit, if due to misuse then a lot of companies won't want to know and charge you anyway. Mazda is the most generous with them replacing a clutch up to about 9500 miles regardless (even if driver to blame).

I could wear out the clutch on my car in no time at all if I tried. Try putting 360Nm torque through any clutch with disregard.
08 2.2 Slipping Clutch - WorkshopTech
The HDIs are hard on their clutches and not really up to the job, we have seen a number fail at anything from 20-35k miles and up. Pulling the big 4007 bodyshell around will really make it sweat. Normally the DMF should be replaced as well (or at least very thoroughly inspected if its going to be reused). The full job at a dealer will be the best part of £1200.
I would contact Pug UK and ask for a goodwill contribution of 50%. Do this yourself, not through the dealer. Pug UK will refer you back to the dealer, but if you then tell the dealer youve been in touch with Pug UK they will take it a bit more seriously.
Pug dealers are under the cosh from Pug UK at the moment, warranty claims are high and with all the belt tightening going on they are under pressure to submit only cast-iron claims.
08 2.2 Slipping Clutch - lindsayhbrown
i drive a 55 plate 407 2.0 136 hdi, its now at 130k miles, the first clutch started to slip at about 40k, when i mentioned this to the servicing pug dealer he disappeared and returned with a tech bulletin saying clutch slippage in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gears .... replace clutch, warranty only 20k, £850 was the quote, i ran the car to just under 60k like this and mentioned the clutch as the warranty was about to expire, the dealer said he could look at it under warranty as it "may be the flywheel sir" but if it is the clutch i would have to pay £200 for the clutch, he said it was the dmf and the clutch had plenty of meat on it. at 100k the clutch started slipping again, so i just try to drive it below 2k revs, thats not to hard as most of my miles are motorway, all my prev cars have done about 150k and i've never had a clutch before