01 1.8 Tyre pressure sensors - True Grit
My valves leak between the wheel and the valve, not through the schrader valves. I've got alloys all round and contemplating having ordinary valves fitted and disabling the electronics so the orange fault/warning message isn't constantly displayed.

Anybody know of a definitive fix for this problem, can the valves be removed (I understand they can get fragile with time/corrosion) and resealed, using bead sealer, mastic or even evo-stick or similar?

I don't mind an oldish car but I do like things to work properly.

A good system if it were not for the fact that the valves leak, but at least you get told that you need to add air!

Again any advice would be welcome.
01 1.8 Tyre pressure sensors - Chuckie888
One of mine lost pressure through the valve. I tightened the nut at the base slightly with a spanner and it's been ok since (1+ year)
01 1.8 Tyre pressure sensors - True Grit
Tried that on one wheel, it cost me a new valve and sensor!