99 2.0 HDi P0230 Not starting. Injectors not firin - dj4man
Hi guys,

Long story so here goes....

Bought a 306 HDi that had petrol put into it. The car was drained of the fuel and diesel refilled. Car ran but was a bit lumpy. THe car was traded in at a local garage and a lad bought it, 'drove' it home, parked it up.

A friend bought it and decided to change the fuel filter and empty the fuel lines as he said he could smell petrol still. Since then, the car no longer starts! he had it recovered and the garage told him the HP pump was faulty.

I bought the car off him and replaced the HP pump and injectors off another working 306 HDi.

The car STILL doesn't attempt to start. I (in a safe environment!) tried to check if the injectors were firing, and it wasn't.

I did a DTC scan today and got:

P0230 Fuel Pump Primary Circuit Malfunction (yet other pugs with this code still run?)
P0380 Glow Plug/Heater CKT A Malfunction (Pending) Whatever 'Pending' means with DTC's?!?!

I'm totally stuck and was hoping this would be a good car to resolve and use...proving me wrong!

Lift pump works fine, it runs for approx 10secs with ignition on and then when i try and start the car, the lift pump runs again. Fuel is getting to the injectors but the injectors don't seem to be opening up to let fuel into the chamber.

99 2.0 HDi P0230 Not starting. Injectors not firin - dj4man
anybody? please me.
99 2.0 HDi P0230 Not starting. Injectors not firin - mickeybo
if its a fuel related problem get yourself a aerosel can of brake cleaner spray some
into inlet manifold whilst someone is cranking engine over if its a fuel related problem
yourcar will start and run for a short time post results back hope this helps
Best Reguards Mickeybo