07 2.0 Alarm- windows - dalo
Last night during violent hailstorm alarm sounded briefly; thought it was something down the street. Went to car this morning anf ALL windows fully down and car interior soaked. No error message on display. No sign of forced entry. Car going in on Monday. Any ideas about problem. Had alarm problem 6 months ago. Dealer removed error message.
07 2.0 Alarm- windows - craig-pd130

On my 2.0TDCI there's a function that raises all the windows when you lock the car, if you press and hold the 'lock' button on the key. I didn't know it could do it in reverse :-/

Must be some sort of glitch in the alarm / window ECU.
07 2.0 Alarm- windows - dalo
Yes, I knew that. But down?

I think I'll ring Ford National service.
07 2.0 Alarm- windows - kithmo
Yes you can open or close the windows by holding the unlock (open) or lock (close) button.

For the windows to be open, one of three things could have happened:

1. The unlock button was accidently pressed and held down for 4 seconds on the remote.
2. there was a stray transmission from another source on the same frequency as the remote.
3. There is a fault in the system.

The alarm went off because the ultrasonic sensors detected a pressure disturbance inside the cabin, either when the windows first opened or when the wind was blowing in. The alarm going off would suggest a fault as pressing the remote or a stray transmission would have turned off the alarm.

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07 2.0 Alarm- windows - dalo
Thanks Keith, didn't know that.

Phoned Ford Technical dept. They said that a pressure disturbance would sound the alarm, as you said, and they had no reports of windows going down as a result. HJs 'Car by car" breakdown review mentions 'Ongoing - all windows sometimes open of their own accord whilst
parked ( four times since September 07)' so it has been reported here.

Ford say there will be an error code. Car going in Monday let you know what happens.
07 2.0 Alarm- windows - dalo
Ford dealer said no fault codes, couldn't find any faults. Claimed we had probably activated the auto open when turning off alarm. This was not possible as remote was downstairs and we were in bed. Alarm turned off on without any action my us.

Where do we go from here? There is obviously evidence off this happenning (see HJs car by car report) but Ford are denying that it is happenning. (or at least being reported.)