02 1.9d Cambelt advice - jimjams
I took my Diesel LX600van to Citroen for the routine 80,000 mile service that includes cambelt change. They replaced the belt but not the tensioner and pully. and yes, 16 months and 17,000 miles later, the pulley seized, which broke the cam and I needed a replacement engine. When I told Citroen say they deny all responsibility, saying that they check the idler pulley and tensioner and only replace them if they are worn, (although they replace the cambelt whether it is worn or not.)

Can anyone please advise ....Should they have changed the whole cambelt kit at the time of the cambelt change, as otherwise the pulley and tensioner would have to last a total of 160,000 miles until the next cambelt service? Did they also have a duty of care to warn me of the consequences of not replacing the kit as I was blissfully unaware that there was a kit with the cambelt that had not been changed?

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