97 1.9 diesel - no power - jakey
hi there, i have just bought a 97 dispatch 1.9 diesel, when driving i found there is no power, it does bout 50mph flat out and takes about a week to get there, its dangerousley under powered as i found out at a junction, are all the non turbo versions like this or is it just this one, any ideas or if any 1 has had similar problem, any help would be greatley appreciated

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97 1.9 citroen dispatch no power - Peter.N.
The non turbo engines are not all that brilliant but I would have expected more than 50 mph. Do you have any black smoke from the exhaust? you could have a blocked air filter or fuel filter.
97 1.9 citroen dispatch no power - jakey
hi cheers for the reply, there is no black smoke etc from the exhaust, gave the van a full engine service today and whilst under the bonnet, i noticed the throttle cable where is joing to diesel pump was coverd with with a small plastic cover, when i removed this, i found the problem. the cable had snapped and been temporarily repaired (previous owner didnt think to tell me) and due to this the cable was re joined with a metal clamp, but this clamp however due to its position meant that thr cable would only go into the outer casing an inch or so, thus reducing the amount i could open the pump, i fitted a new cable and its now spot, on, seems like i got a bargain for a mere £500, £20 later and it was repaired, thanks for replying tho, much appreciated
97 1.9 citroen dispatch no power - Peter.N.
Well done, I overlooked the obvious, throttle not fully opening!