00 1.6 question.... - gvmllr
hi all im thinking of buying a w-reg astra but it suffers from underfueling. does anybody know what that means..ive heard of overfueling but not underfueling..all answers appreciated..thanks.

{W reg, that'll be something like the year 2000 then?}

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w 1.6 question.... - bell boy
sounds like a redherring to leg you into a lemon to me
w 1.6 question.... - gvmllr
sorry bell boy mate..i got it wrong,its underpowering..any ideas mate..thanks for the reply.
w 1.6 question.... - Rattle
Could be anything. If an engine is down on power it may well be down on compression. Buy a car what you think is a simple sensor problem, end up needing a new cylinder head I would avoid this car unless free.