05 2.9 Engine pre heater - Felixthecat
I thought i was having trouble with the glow plugs on my Sedona until the nice man at Kia told me my engine doesnt have any. Apparently it has a pre heater attached to the inlet manifold.

If the pre heater was not working properly would the heater warning light on my dashboard light up (other than when it should do)?

does anyone have any experience of one of these going faulty?

Thanks for your help
05 2.9 Engine pre heater - Altea Ego
It may help if you explain your symptoms that led you to question the nice man at Kia.
05 2.9 Engine pre heater - Felixthecat

The problem I have is difficulty starting the car when its cold. It had a new starter motor 12 months ago and a recent new battery. Alternator is charging the battery but when the weather is cold it is difficult to start.

05 2.9 Engine pre heater - piston power
Is this the coiled wound wire in the manifold cold air passes it and is heated up and the car should start if the compression is good.?

Or a auxilary heater that heats the coolant up to temp and aides cold starting again needs good compression?
05 2.9 Engine pre heater - Felixthecat
This is the heater in the manifiold that heats up the air going in to the cylinders. Struggled to start again this morning. Once started it will restart ok and their is no loss of power or MPG so i presume the compression is ok.
05 2.9 Engine pre heater - Peter.N.
I can't see how you would get enough heat from an electric only heater, does it burn fuel like the old Perkins Thermostart?
05 2.9 Engine pre heater - piston power
This is old technology it was used in the bigger datsun forklifts, but its still a heater plug/s.

Check for a feed to the plug/s and remove them to see if it heats up, the forktruck had 4x in the inlet manifold it worked just fine.

If no feed there will be a relay/timer unit to check and this probably works with the coolant temp sensor the colder it is more heat it gives.
05 2.9 Engine pre heater - piston power
Worth checking there is no air in the fuel lines fuel filter housings do have seals that perish and fuel returns back to tank when left stood, cranking over pushes fuel through and once started stays ok for a few hours.

If this is problem new filter housing and filter required or might be a service kit to replace O rings you will have to check.
05 2.9 Engine pre heater - Felixthecat
Thanks for all the replys. A few things for me to check