98 1.9 cat/ turbo - t2myd
hi all ,ive a a4 tdi engine code afn ,i replaced the engine due to the turbo running on engine oil , i sourced a engine from a running car 78000 miles, engine starts perfectly ,just no boost , all the sencors are off old engine so work ,when the mecahnic came yesterday ,he said that it could be that the catalyct convertor is blocked .due to the old turbo running on engine oil ,.Is he right in saying that oil could block the cat ?
98 1.9 cat/ turbo - Peter D
It sound like the old engine just needed a new turbo. However is the actuator link moving when you rev the engine up to 3000 rpm. Have you checked the Vacuum actuator that pulls the lever is working. Regards Peter
98 1.9 cat/ turbo - paul_1975
i had a 98 A4 afn engine which i bought in 2001. A few weeks after buying it a rattle could be heard at idling it turned out that the cat had gone and was actually blocking the exhaust gases escaping now and again depending on the position of the 'inners' of the cat.The car drove like a non turbo diesel and was 'dead as hector'. after replacing the cat car was still dead and had to replace the airflow meter and all was well. someone told me that because the cat had gone this can make the airflow meter fail.
98 1.9 cat/ turbo - t2myd
yeah accuator works fine , its just as your sayin paul , mechanic is a ex blackburn audi mechnic hes got 15 years experience .he must be right in saying that burnt engine oil from when turbo knackerd is blocking the cat ,its like driving a old escort diesel,proper gutless ,
98 1.9 cat/ turbo - 659FBE
Just take the cat off and rod it out.

The UK diesel MOT test is for smoke and nothing else.

98 1.9 cat/ turbo - t2myd
I unbolted cat today ,i can hear turbo whistling now ,seems to rev beter now. so must of been the cat