01 1.4 Problem With Lights and Indicator - spanner45
Can anyone help with a problem I am currently experiencing with the near side rear indicator.
At the moment it works fine until I switch the lights on and then the rear light on that side starts flashing with the indicator and if I apply the breaks at the same time the rear light flashers even faster.
Does anyone have any clues as to what could be going wrong or how I can solve this?
Many Thanks spanner
01 1.4 Problem With Lights and Indicator - Dave_TD
It's an earth problem, there will either be corrosion or water ingress in the multi-plug inside your back light or the earth connection to the bodywork.

Have a look at the inside of your rear light (where you would look to change a bulb) and take the multi-plug off, clean up the contacts and make sure they are shiny and dry before putting it back firmly.

Old Fords used to be notorious for this problem, luckily it's an easy fix.
01 1.4 Problem With Lights and Indicator - Altea Ego
or you recently changed a bulb and put the wrong one in