Which would you go for??? - *123*
Boxster S or Z4?

Same mileage, same price ... which one???
Which would you go for??? - gordonbennet
For me it would have to be the Boxster, seeing as i'm not a contortionist and find the Z4 one of the worst cars ever to get in and out of, which is strange as i find the MX5 easy.

I find the Z4's suspension very hard too.

Other than that if you like them equally the decider could be if you have a good specialist indy for one reasonably close.
Maybe investigate that and overall costs including insurance, servicing, tyres etc for your forseeable ownership.
Which would you go for??? - *123*
well I currently have a vx220 so either is miles better to get in/out of ...

I've already seen the porsche and have literally fallen in love with 'her' but the boring side is saying z4 for easier to keep side ...

Same mechanic willl be doing all my work - friend of family ...
Which would you go for??? - bintang
I believe HJ once said the Boxster develops problems unless used frequently.
Which would you go for??? - NARU
I'd choose neither - I prefer the Honda S2000.

But its your money - choose the one which makes you happy!