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Honda car to read your DNA - maz64 2030 that is:

I like the Audi eSpira, the brown one about half-way down - no more kerbed alloys :-)
Has Rattle got a younger sister ;>) - bathtub tom
I only ask because there's a high-pitched rattle over on technical.

Hopefully he's up and about now as he hasn't posted since the early hours.
Carburettor girl ? - 1400ted
Interesting story in the Daily Snail today about a researcher in Cairo who has found a link between road rage and petrol/exhaust fumes.

Interesting in that her name is Dr. AMAL Kinawy.
The Amal, of course is the make of carb. fitted to most British made motorbikes ! Younger BRs may not have heard of them ! I wonder if her parents were enthusiasts and set her on a career in petrol related matters ?

Does anybody know of a person with a motoring ( not makers ) you have a Gladys Bumper, Fred Flywheel or similar in the family ?

Carburettor girl ? - Pugugly
disqualified an shamed

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Carburettor girl ? - ifithelps
Top of my head...

Isn't Tom Ford a presenter on one of the motoring programmes?

Edit: I see the OP asked for 'motoring (not makers) name', which strictly speaking disqualifies Tom Ford and PU's Austin Healey.

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Carburettor girl ? - 1400ted
Plenty of scope using makers names, that's why I put 'no makers '.........Bunny Austin, Old Mother Riley, Anna Ford etc, etc. I was thinking more of parts...We had a vicar here, now deceased, called Gerry Wheale.....not quite the right spelling but it's a start !


Quite right, tell 'em !

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Carburettor girl ? - Andrew-T
Gerry Wheale.....not quite the right spelling but it's a start !

As distorted spelling is allowed, many will remember the leader of (IIRC) the NUR many years ago, Sid Weighell - appropriate for a railwayman ...

There has been an American composer called Walter Piston.

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Carburettor girl ? - ifithelps
Usain Bolt.

Dunno what a Usain is, but I imagine there are a few bolts holding the CC3 together.

Carburettor girl ? - commerdriver
How about Jenson Button for a double if we are allowing misspellings.
Carburettor girl ? - Alby Back
Austin Healey.....played for England but he seemed OK nonetheless....

Edit - I know I know read the thread first Humph......Doh.....

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Carburettor girl ? - Pugugly
I got soundly told off and made to sit on the naughty step for suggesting him Humph. I'll shuffle up and make space for you. I was so embarrassed I deleted my posting with the utter shame of my public humiliation.....(or something like that)
Carburettor girl ? - Alby Back
Fair enough PU...budge up...second thoughts I'm not sure I care quite enough to worry about it that much.......

Carburettor girl ? - old crocks
Formula 1 driver Mark Webber.
Carburettor girl ? - Altea Ego
My wife is called Su

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Carburettor girl ? - Pugugly
That's good !
Carburettor girl ? - pda
There's always frodo (sp) from Lord of the (piston) Rings, if we're being really silly!


Well I can't believe that:) I'm trying to type ROD where the asterisks are and the swear filter doesn't like it!
I must have led a sheltered life because I cant imagine what it thinks it says:):)

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Carburettor girl ? - Alby Back
I was going to make a comment linking large headlights to a family member but thought better of it......
Carburettor girl ? - Dynamic Dave
Well I can't believe that:) I'm trying to type ROD where the asterisks are and the swear filter doesn't like it!
I must have led a sheltered life because I cant imagine what it thinks it says:):)

pda, we once had someone on here who thought it was hilarious to refer to Ford as Frod.

Have now sorted your post. DD

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Carburettor girl ? - old crocks
AE, That took me too long to understand! But when I did I laughed out loud.

And mine is disqualified because he isn't part of my family.

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Carburettor girl ? - Lud
I have a former wife. But she's not my sole ex...
Carburettor girl ? - Alby Back
We live on an estate if that counts........
Carburettor girl ? - old crocks
My neighbours Mr and Mrs Nimmo and their old fashioned daughter Di.
Carburettor girl ? - Robin Reliant
I really did once know someone whose name was Maurice Healy. He was the older brother of a schoolmate.

I wonder if any of the Horn family ever called a son Airey?

And did he have a twin?

I'll be blown!
Carburettor girl ? - b308
When I first started in the bank in the 70s we had a little old dear's account in the name of Mini Carr... and I understand another branch had Maurice Minor as well... those old fashioned names from the turn of the century (1900, not 2000!) had quite a few permutations!

Suppose there's always Mini Driver from Corrie!!

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Carburettor girl ? - George Porge
Ruth Rack anybody?
Carburettor girl ? - bathtub tom
We have a mister and missis Emery-Paper and their two children. One's alcoholic and the other's teetotal. Known around here as :

Wet and dry.

I'll go to the pub now........
Carburettor girl ? - Altea Ego
I'll go to the pub now........

Yes please.
Carburettor girl ? - ifithelps
When I worked at the garage, if anyone was rebuilding an engine, we would always ask them: "Piston broke?"

Oh, how we laughed.

Carburettor girl ? - Altea Ego
can you please go with Bathtub Gin, sorry i mean Tom
Carburettor girl ? - Avant
Is actress Minnie Driver the daughter of Laurie Driver?

There was a novelist called Maurice Baring (fl. early C20): someone asked in Foyles if they had any Maurice Barings and was solemnly directed to a garage.

I can see that this thread is soon going to get transferred to the Silly Thread.....
Carburettor girl ? - Pugugly
Second sight then Avant ? :-)
Carburettor girl ? - George Porge
I can see that this thread is soon going to get transferred to the Silly

Before going "thread locked"
Carburettor girl ? - Robin Reliant
Funny that, my car failed an MoT because of a silly tread...
Carburettor girl ? - Spospe
Local vicar called the Reverend Counter.
Carburettor girl ? - Kevin
My beloved often refers to me as "that dipstick" when talking to her friends, I think it's a term of endearment.

Does that count?

Carburettor girl ? - bathtub tom
Bring me the head(light) of Alfredo Garcia

on a clutch plate?

I think Humph may well be spinning now I'm back from the pub.

Where do you move this to next Mods?
Carburettor girl ? - 1400ted
Some of those remind me of the brilliant ' I'm sorry I haven't a clue ' They used to do late arrivals at the teachers/greengrocers/vicars, etc ball. Some very clever.....Teachers....Mr and Mrs Cateofeducation and their distinguished military son...General Sir Tiffy Cateofeducation. Television programmers ball....Mr and Mrs Sworld and their daughter Tamara. The vicar with his Dog, 'Collar',,,,His Cat,' Echism'...and his Newt, 'Estament'.
Must be more motoring ones out there Warped sense of humour attack !

Carburettor girl ? - Avant
Mr and Mrs Hutt and their son Nissan

The couple from the Swedish Raj - Pukka and Mem Saab

The rattling family from Manchester - Mr and Mrs Corsa and their rather delicate son V. Reg Corsa.
Carburettor girl ? - Rattle
ek em cough.
Carburettor girl ? - 1400ted
See, Avant, he's out there watching...when he should be tucked up in bed with his cocoa ! :-)

Here we go then ... - perro

Dead link for me perro - what's the question though ?

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Here we go then ... - perro
Sorry, it's not a question but a rather good Christmassy thing from the Telegraph.
Here we go then ... - pmh3
Works here no problem!

Shall we try to put a hj contributor name to each of the 'characters'?

Lets start with Mr X for the final cameo appearance !

Here we go then ... - Pugugly
Doesn't work on my Apple - moved to Silly Thread for now - I'll ask the others if we can have a Christmas Special Thread.

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